Please note that this listing is provided as a sample of external funding and resources that may be available to students, and is provided for your information only. CaPS and McGill University accept no responsibility for the content of the non-McGill linked websites below.

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Internal Sources

ARIA - Arts Research Internship Awards openURL
The ARIA is to support undergraduate students who undertake research during the summer under the direct supervision of a faculty member.  The ARIA provide students with a summer research stipend of $2000, to be matched by individual researchers or departments.
ASR - Applied Student Research Grant openURL
ASR is academic research done by students that seeks sustainable solutions to a challenge faced by members of the community. ASR is at the core of the McGill Living Lab, where different members of the McGill community engage and interact to share ideas, problem solve, and create sustainable progress on campus.
McGill BLUE (Beautiful Limitless Unconstrained Exploration) Fellowships openURL
Chosen participants will be granted 3K in total funding for an 8-week intensive fellowship that will occur from mid-May until mid-July at B21.  Students may apply individually or as already formed groups.
McGill Enriched Educational Opportunities openURL
Need-based bursary for undergraduate students: Field study semesters, unpaid work and research internships, research abroad, certain music competitions.
McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (MSSI) - Funding openURL
The MSSI provides several funding opportunities providing small amounts of seed funding to explore bold projects and novel ideas which, if successful, could make a significant impact on sustainability problems.
- MSSI Ideas Fund (Deadline: March 11)
- MSSI Innovation Funds
- External Funding (Deadline: end-February)
SPF - The Sustainability Projects Fund openURL
Funding for members of the McGill community to contribute and be involved in building a culture of sustainability on McGill campuses through the development and seed-funding of interdisciplinary projects.
AUS - Arts Undergraduate Society of McGill Fund openURL
AUS offers these funding for undergradutes
Journal Fund - For student run-journals and magazines.
Supplementary Fund - For AUS departmental associations seeking to fund events/initiatives.
Special Projects Fund -  For student groups seeking to fund large events and conferences.
McGill Alumni - Student Sponsorship Program openURL
The McGill Alumni Association supports a wide range of student initiatives. For extra funding for a campus project, check out the Student Sponsorship Program.
To apply: Student Sponsorship Program (PDF)
McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Students (GPS) - International Students Funding Opportunities openURL
A list of funding available to international students from GPS.

Funding Databases

Grant Connect Restricted Resource openURL
An online database containing updated information on over 2,200 Canadian grant-making foundations as well as 150 American foundations with a history of granting in Canada. Click the "Funder Search" menu to begin your search.
VPN is required. What is VPN and how to set up
Pivot Restricted Resource openURL
Comprehensive global source of funding opportunities. Users are able to search for funding opportunities using a variety of criteria, including research area, discipline, and participating institution. Click the link "Advanced Search" to start your search.
You must sign up to search this database. Choose "McGill University" in the Affiliated Member Institution drop-down box when you create your Pivot account.

Funding Websites

International Scholarships for non-Canadians openURL
Awards available to international students for study and research in Canada.
International Development Research Center (IDRC) - Fellowships, Awards and Funding openURL
IDRC administers a variety of fellowships and funding opportunities for students conducting research in development-related disciplines.
ScholarshipsCanada.com openURL
A free website with Canadian scholarships. Registration is required.
yconic openURL
Money for school - scholarships, bursaries & other student awards.

Scholarships & Awards

rare Charitable Research Reserve - Graduate Research Scholarship openURL
Financial assistance to graduate students tackling environmental issues. The funding will allow students to study in a relatively undisturbed, yet highly accessible site in Waterloo Region.
Deadline: April 23
American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) Scholarships openURL
Scholarships for graduate student with a major field of concentration in industrial hygiene. Available for U.S. and Canadian students.
Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) - MCAT Fee Assistance Program for Canadians openURL
The AAMC and AFMC are piloting a new fee assistance program for Canadian examinees in financial need who register for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) during the 2018 testing year. Must be a legal resident of Canada.
Canadian Insitutes of Health Research (CIHR) - Women's Heart Helth Hackathon Award openURL
This award is part of the Hacking the Knowledge Gap Series and will fund costs associated with attending the Hackathon as well as provide some funding for follow-up work resulting from collaborations built at the Hackathon. Open to graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral students and trainees with an interest in women's cardiovascular health and knowledge translation. 
Deadline: January 04
Canadian Japanese Mennonite Scholarship openURL
This scholarship available to students enrolled in a graduate degree program in Canada, doing research on the protection of minority and human rights in Canada in order to reduce the potential for abuse of cultural minorities.
Deadline: April 01
Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal (JCF) - Scholarships & Grants openURL
JCF administers dozens of scholarship funds supporting various fields of endeavor. Most scholarships require applicants to have Quebec residency. Expand the link "Grants & Scholarships" to see a list of scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students, aw well as for a year's study in Israel.
Deadline: March 01 to May 01
Muldoon-Mosaic Bursary openURL
This scholarship is for first-year undergraduate students in social sciences. Must be enrolled full-time in school.
Deadline: April 30
Pro Stock Hockey Student Athlete Scholarship openURL
To qualify, undergraduate or graduate students must attend an accredited college or university and play for the school’s hockey team.
Deadline: August 01
Consortium national de recherche sur l'intégration sociale (CNRIS) - Bourses openURL
Scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in areas of intellectual disability and autism. (in French).
Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) - Tuition Scholarships openURL
Scholarships for Canadian business school students enrolled in a degree program.
Deadline: December 31
MLD Scholastic Scholarship openURL
This scholarship is based on merit, financial need and community participation.  Must be currently enrolled at a accredited Canadian or Amerian post-secondary educaiton institution. Must be a Canadian or American citizen to apply.
Deadline: May 10
Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) - Grants and Awards openURL
The SFPE Foundation advocates and supports engineering research, technology transfer and education. The foundation offers grants and awards for both undergraduate and graduate students.
True Sport - Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Fund openURL
This national sport studies scholarship is intended to stimulate thoughtful examination of values-based and ethical sport.  Must be a high-performance athlete enrolled at a Canadian university, community college or other post-secondary educational institution.
Deadline: April 30
Canadian Cancer Society - Grants & Awards openURL
Awards to PhD or MD/PhD students, and post-doctoral/medical/clinical fellows - Innovation Grants, Impact Grants, Prevention Research Grants, Career Development Awards in Prevention Research, Quality of Life Research Grants, Knowledge to Action Grants, Travel Awards.  Apply: EGrAMS
Canada Memorial Foundation Scholarships openURL
Scholarships are awarded for a programme of study as part of an agreed course which will lead to a University degree at Master's level or similar qualification. Must be citizens of the United Kingdom.
Deadline: February 01
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) - Awards openURL
Various awards for graduate students.  Both Canadians and Non-Canadians are eligible.
Centre d’expertise et de recherche en infrastructures urbaines (CERIU) - Bourses des Prix relève en infrastructures municipales openURL
Scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students in Civil Engineering programs in Quebec. (French).
Deadline: November 10
Dr. U.R. Plante Medical Scholarships openURL
An annual $10,000 scholarship awarded to a student attending medical school in the U.S. or Canada, and who is a resident of either the Adirondack Park, St. Lawrence, Franklin, Clinton, Essex or Hamilton County of New York State or has lived in one of these counties in the U.S. for at least two years.
Deadline: April 30
Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) - Scholarships openURL
Several scholarships available to an upper-division undergraduate or graduate student of public administration, (governmental) accounting, finance, political science, economics, or business administration (with a specific focus on government or nonprofit management). Open to citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. and Canada.
International Stockmen’s Educational Foundation - Student Travel Fellowship Program openURL
Travel fellowships for senior level undergraduates and graduate students currently enrolled in accredited colleges or universities.
Deadline: November 24
Montréal Exchange (TMX) - The Canadian Derivatives Exchange Scholars Program openURL
Scholarships for graduates and postgraduates. Students must be in a full-time graduate or postgraduate program in a Canadian university. The research project must be related to exchange-traded derivatives, financial risk management or any topic related to the Montréal Exchange's business.
Deadline: June 08
Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program openURL
Scholarships to students pursuing a degree in a science related field. Must submit a written statement on why science is awesome and how you plan to use your degree to advance scientific discovery.
Deadline: July 20 (Spring) & December 05 (Fall)
Jeanne Sauvé Foundation - Public Leadership Program openURL
A fellowship opportunity to take part of a lifelong personal and professional development journey as part of an emerging global community of public leaders.
Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science (QCBS) - Student Grants openURL
QCBS recognizes, supports, and encourages the research of outstanding and promising students in biodiversity science.  Many funding opportunities available for both undergraduate and graduate students.
Progressive Automations - Annual Scholarship Program openURL
Scholarships to engineering students. Must be enrolled, full-time at a recognized, Canadian or American post-secondary college or university at the undergraduate level.
Deadline: April 15
Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) - Funding openURL
Grants to do research in prostate cancer. Must be enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institutions.
Society in Science - The Branco Weiss Fellowship openURL
Research Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers who pursue unconventional projects in new areas of science, engineering and social science fields anywhere in the world, at any institution, for up to 5 years.
Deadline: January 15

Minority & Ethnic Groups

Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA) Scholarships openURL
Schoalrship listings for members of the Canadian Black community (Black person, Black/African, Canadian/African, Caribbean/African, African-American). Must be a Canadian or permanent resident.


Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG) World Fellowship openURL
Funding for women from foreign countries to pursue studies in Canada and the United States. Applicants must be female, registered, full-time Masters or Doctoral students. Applicants cannot be a citizen or landed immigrant of Canada or the United States or a Delta Kappa Gamma member.
Deadline: December 15
P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship openURL
P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS) Fund provides scholarships for international women students to pursue graduate study in the United States and Canada.  Open to International students only.