Please note that this listing is provided as a sample of external funding and resources that may be available to students, and is provided for your information only. CaPS and McGill University accept no responsibility for the content of the non-McGill linked websites below.

Things You Should Know
Every year universities, government bodies, private organizations and external institutions offer a variety of funding to help you financially survive graduate school. The following sections define some of the resources available and provide a link to where you can obtain more detailed information.

You should also contact the Graduate Program Coordinator of your department for additional internal sources and/or consider working for your department as a Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant or Sessional Instructor to supplement your income.

Definition of terms
  • Scholarships are gifts of money or other support for students who have shown exceptional talent, academic performance, or other special ability.
  • Grants or bursaries are awards of money for education. Repayment usually is not required.
  • Loans are specific sums of money for education which must be repaid.
  • Fellowships are usually at the graduate, postdoctoral or professional level.
  • Merit is based on scholarship, promise and leadership. They are similar to salaries and repayment is not required.
  • A stipend is a modest, fixed payment occurring at regular intervals.

When looking for funding, you should explore sources of funding both from the university at which you’d like to study (called internal sources) and from other sources outside of the university (called external sources).
All Items by Category

Internal Sources

ASR - Applied Student Research Grant openURL
ASR is academic research done by students that seeks sustainable solutions to a challenge faced by members of the community. ASR is at the core of the McGill Living Lab, where different members of the McGill community engage and interact to share ideas, problem solve, and create sustainable progress on campus.
Dialogue McGill - Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program openURL
This bursary is for students in a selected Quebec region, with suitable English and French language skills, pursuing full-time studies in the fields of health and social services at a government-recognized educational institution, outside of their region.  Must be a Canadian citizen or PR.
Deadline: June 14
SPF - The Sustainability Projects Fund openURL
Funding for members of the McGill community to contribute and be involved in building a culture of sustainability on McGill campuses through the development and seed-funding of interdisciplinary projects.
McGill Office of the Dean of Students - External Recognition Awards openURL
This office liaises with external organizations that provide students the opportunitity to win prestigious awards: Dalai Lama Fellowship, Forces AVENIR, Rhodes Scholarship, Schwarzman Scholars.
McGill Alumni - Student Sponsorship Program openURL
The McGill Alumni Association supports a wide range of student initiatives. For extra funding for a campus project, check out the Student Sponsorship Program.
To apply: Student Sponsorship Program (PDF)
McGill BLUE (Beautiful Limitless Unconstrained Exploration) Fellowships openURL
Chosen participants will be granted 3K in total funding for an 8-week intensive fellowship that will occur from mid-May until mid-July at B21.  Students may apply individually or as already formed groups.
McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) - Funding openURL
The GPO simplifies the funding process and provides funding opportunities for the duration of graduate studies.  Please consult this site for a list of fellowships and awards.
McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) - Funding for Travel openURL
A list of funding for graduate students to study and conduct research abroad.
McGill SKILLSETS - Workshops openURL
McGill SKILLSETS offer workshops and webinars on:
- Applying for Your Tri-Council Award: NSERC, CIHR and SSHRC (September)
- Would You Fund it?: Fellowship Consultation Session (September)
McGill Scholarships and Student Aid - Graduate Students openURL
Scholarships and awards for current graduate students currently enrolled in full-time degree programs.
McGill Scholarships and Student Aid – Other Fundings openURL
Links to other funding - athletes, aboriginal, disabled, children of war veterans, external awards, bank loans, emergency loans.
New funding: Enriched educational opportunists (EEOs) - Need-based bursaries for unpaid internships snd research opportunities or field semesters for undergraduate students.
McGill Research and Innovation - Funding Sources openURL
McGill faculties have the distinction of holding some of the most prestigious and innovative research grants awarded both within Canada and abroad. The McGill Research Grants Office is a key player in the support structure that facilitates this advancement of knowledge.
McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (MSSI) - Funding openURL
The MSSI provides several funding opportunities providing small amounts of seed funding to explore bold projects and novel ideas which, if successful, could make a significant impact on sustainability problems.
- MSSI Ideas Fund (Deadline: March 11)
- MSSI Innovation Funds
- External Funding (Deadline: end-February)
Grant Writing & Funding Books openURL
A list of books and e-books McGill students can borrow from the Library to learn more on how to write a grant or funding application.

Funding Databases

Grant Connect Restricted Resource openURL
An online database containing updated information on over 2,200 Canadian grant-making foundations as well as 150 American foundations with a history of granting in Canada. Click the "Funder Search" menu to begin your search.
VPN is required. What is VPN and how to set up
Pivot Restricted Resource openURL
Comprehensive global source of funding opportunities. Users are able to search for funding opportunities using a variety of criteria, including research area, discipline, and participating institution. Click the link "Advanced Search" to start your search.
You must sign up to search this database. Choose "McGill University" in the Affiliated Member Institution drop-down box when you create your Pivot account.

Funding Websites

Universities Canada - Scholarships and Internships openURL
Universities Canada administers several fellowship competitions and exchanges for graduate study. In most cases, candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada for at least one year prior to application.
International Development Research Center (IDRC) - Fellowships, Awards and Funding openURL
IDRC administers a variety of fellowships and funding opportunities for students conducting research in development-related disciplines.
Fonds de recherche du Québec Société et culture (FRQSC) - Scholarships and grants openURL
FRQSC's database.  Searchable by program and levels.
ScholarshipsCanada.com openURL
A free website with Canadian scholarships. Registration is required.
yconic openURL
Money for school - scholarships, bursaries & other student awards.

Funding Agencies

International Scholarships for Canadians and Non-Canadians openURL
Scholarships for Canadians and Non-Canadians wishing to study abroad.  Many Commonwealth countries offer scholarships to Canadian citizens for graduate studies.
Service Canada - Canada Summer Jobs openURL
Canada Summer Jobs is a Government of Canada initiative that provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students. It is designed to focus on local priorities, while helping both students and their communities.
University of Ottawa - Funding Agencies openURL
Links to Canadian Funding Organizations and International Funding Organizations.