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Vol. 14, Issue 1
Published by the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS)

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Vault Guide (Career Insider)

Vault is the world’s leading source of career information. It will make your efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects infinitely easier and more efficient.

Vault also has a ton of material on finding summer jobs and internships.

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Going Global

The leading provider of country specific career and employment resources for individuals interested in working outside of their home country.
Expert advice for finding jobs abroad. 80,000+ country and city career resources. Worldwide internship and job listings.
Website: Going Global
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The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas

The authoritative guide on international careers.
3,000+ career building resources. Career directories. International skills inventory.
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Back To School
Welcome to the first Edition of CaPSScoop for 2012/2013!

The McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) would like to welcome all new students to McGill and welcome back all returning students. Whether you are just starting or finishing up, be sure to take advantage of CaPS in the year ahead. We are here to help you - whether you are trying to find a part-time job, prepare grad school applications, find post-graduation work or find out career possibilities related to your major. Click here for a full listing of programs and services.

First year students should consider checking out Tips & Resources available to you through CaPS 

Students in their final year may want to participate in on-campus recruitment
(especially those looking to work in Consulting, Finance, IT and Engineering)

The CaPS team can equip you with the right information and tools so that you may confidently step into graduate school and the work force.

If you have any questions, drop by our office on the downtown or Macdonald Campus. We are always happy to help you!  Wishing you a very successful year ahead.

Inside this issue:
The CaPS Welcome Back Checklist
Fall On-Campus Recruitment
Upcoming Career Fairs
Lending a Hand at Head and Hands
Alumni Interviews: James Bassil from AskMen
Are You One of the Next 36?
Labour Market Information
Lisa's Corner
September Info Sessions
September Workshops
Sneak Peek Into October

The CaPS Welcome Back Checklist

Another year is upon us. It can be hard to jump back in to things when the sun is shining; so, in these autumn months, spend a bit of time looking back at your summer break, reflecting on your experiences, wrapping up loose ends, and set some goals. Here is a checklist to help you say goodbye to summer and start the school year totally fresh:

  • Send a goodbye email to your summer colleagues.
    A quick farewell email is a nice way to end your summer job; it is professional and will leave your colleagues with a strong impression of you. Thank your colleagues for the opportunity and support you received, and let them know what you enjoyed about the job. Don’t forget to provide people with your current email address.
  • Update your resume.
    This is easiest when your summer experiences are still fresh in your mind. Drop by to see a career advisor to get some help – stop by CaPS during daily drop-ins or to make an appointment. Don’t forget to update your Linked In profile while you’re at it.

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Fall On-Campus Recruitment

Are you looking for a job in the Federal or Provincial Government, Consulting, Financial Institutions, Engineering or Information Technology? If you're graduating in 2012-2013, now is the time when these industries recruit on campus.  Find out more by attending company presentations, career fairs and reading our brochures on Campus Recruitment (ie how to search, upload documents, apply, sign up for interviews, etc.) and Career Fairs.   Take a look at our Podcasts which will provide you with quick online access to some of our career development workshops. These podcasts have been created to give you some fundamental information on the different components of the job search process

For a schedule of recruitment campaign's deadline dates and interviews Click here . You may also want to check out the following events:
  • Management Career Fair - Sept 21 - Centre Mont Royal - open to all non management students as of 1:00 pm, McGill ID required - business formal required.
  • McGill Tech Fair - Oct 3 & 4 - New Residence Hall - 9:30 am - 3:30 pm - open to all disciplines

For a full list of career fairs click here. For a full listing of all events offered by CaPS, log-in to myFuture.

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What allows you to speak face-to-face with an advisor without an appointment provides you with answers to all your questions and travels around campus? It’s CaPS’ C-Lounge.

The C-Lounge is our travelling tent outfitted with knowledgeable and friendly career advisors ready to answer all of your career-related questions. C-Lounge can be found on McTavish Street and on main campus during the months of September and October. Through the winter months C-Lounge will find its way indoors.
C-Lounge provides students with the opportunity to pop in and ask any question that comes to mind. Some examples of questions often asked are:

  • What can I do with my degree?
  • How do I write a CV and Cover letter?
  • How do I find a part-time job?
  • Where can I find out about volunteer opportunities?
  • How do I figure out what I should major in?

Upcoming Dates for C-Lounge:

September 12th, 13th, 20th, 26th and 27th
Located on McTavish Street in between Service Point and the Brown Building

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Upcoming Career Fairs

For a full listing of all events offered this month and to register, log-in to myFuture. Click on the "Events" tab and then the "Career Fairs/Career Days" tab. Select the event you would like to attend and click on "RSVP."

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Lending a Hand at Head and Hands

With the Fall semester unfolding, the energy on campus is contagious, as students make school year resolutions and do their best to start off on the right foot.  Another body-related expression, “lending a hand”, is one of the most common of said ambitions or goals, and it is my hope that this monthly column will help some of you in finding the volunteer or internship position you desire.  Or at least assist you in getting a head start.

Founded in 1970, Head and Hands provides medical, social, and legal services (mostly free of charge) to youth between the ages of 12 to 25.  The local non-profit organization envisions a society in which youth are active participants, providing the necessary tools and support for individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds to reach their full potential.  Head and Hands is modern and forward-thinking, leading initiatives such as: a youth drop-in centre (Jeunesse 2000), a support system to deal with institutional racism and racial profiling (Project X), and a peer-based sex education program (the Sense Project).  Volunteers will soon be needed for several other services, including the tutoring and Young Parents programs.

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Alumni Interviews: James Bassil from AskMen

Although it is not often said, September is a problematic month for many of us. From first year jitters to almost-graduating stress, we students harbour a generous dose of anxiety under that back-to-school cheer. But that feeling of uncertainty is exacerbated especially at the beginning of U3. What is my life plan? What am I to do after I graduate? How to make the big bucks? In other words, the future transforms into an obese elephant every time we converse with our mothers…or with ourselves. If only we knew what to do with the short time we have left to prepare our entrance into society.

James Bassil from AskMen.com says it’s absolutely normal to panic a little as you near graduation; and also completely unnecessary. An alumnus since 2001, James began his career with a small publishing company run by a McGill professor and has since become the Editor-in-Chief of the most widely read men’s lifestyle magazine on the web. Students like to panic about jobs as graduation nears, but looking back, the man behind the print says that he should have taken some time off after finishing university to do what he wanted.

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Are You One of the Next 36?

Are you an undergraduate student in year U2 or above? Do you think you have what it takes to revolutionize the business world? Are you interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur? Then you should consider applying for the 2013 cohort of The Next 36!
The Next 36 is a challenging 8-month program focused on developing the next wave of great Canadian entrepreneurs. Each of the selected 36 undergraduate students is closely mentored by some of Canada’s premier business leaders, receiving invaluable insight on how to cultivate success in the entrepreneurial world. The students will be challenged to build a venture in the mobile or tablet space, with the aid of up to $80,000 in funding, academic instruction from some of the world’s top faculty, and numerous professional resources. By the end of the program, Canada’s most innovative and driven upcoming talent will possess the skills, networks, and knowledge to build the best businesses of tomorrow.

Applications are due on October 25th, 2012. Visit www.thenext36.ca for more details.

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Labour Market Information

This monthly bulletin aims to inform you of major news and trends in the Québec, Canada and U.S. labour markets. Your feedback is welcome.

In this issue

  • The U.S. employment rate is picking up in the end of July
  • Fewer Canadian employers expect to add permanent full-time jobs
  • Quebec lost 28,700 jobs in July
  • Occupational highlight: Natural and Applied Science Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers
  • And more!

The good news

Brighter employment picture masked by loss of part-time jobs
The Globe and Mail, 10 August 2012

A closer look at July’s sharp drop in employment reveals a brighter picture of full-time job gains and modest job growth over the rest of 2012.

Hotter U.S. employment picture in July is a good sign for economy
Montreal Gazette, 04 August 2012

The U.S. job market picked itself up off the mat in July, shaking off three months of dismayingly feeble payroll growth.

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Lisa's Corner

Looking for career fairs outside campus?

National Career Event (http://www.ecarrieres.com/en/index.php) is a website offering information on job fairs.  The website covers 6 specific fields: Technology, Engineering, Aerospace, Healthcare, Banking/Financing/Insurance, Sales and Customer Service, and All-in-One careers.  The organization also involves in organizing virtual career fairs.   Most of the fairs take place in September-October.

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September Info Sessions for
On-Campus Recruitment

Dozens of company information sessions and tours are taking place throughout September. The events below are only a sampling of the many taking place this month. For a full listing of all events offered and to register, log-in to myFuture. Click on the "Events" tab and then the "Information Sessions" tab. Select the event you would like to attend and click on "RSVP."

  • National Bank of Canada
    Sept 4, 18:00 - 1155 Metcalf Street (For Women Only)

  • TD Bank Group-Securities / Groupe Banque TD-Valeurs Mobilières TD
    Sept 5, 17:30 - Omni Hotel- 1050 Sherbrooke Street West

  • UBS Securities Canada
    Sept 6, 11:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • RBC Capital Markets/RBC Marchés des Capitaux
    Sept 6, 17:30 - Sofitel Hotel - 1155 Sherbrooke St. West - Chagall-Monet Room

  • Scotiabank, Global Banking and Markets
    Sept 7, 13:00 - Omni Hotel, Salon Ete - 1050 Sherbrooke Street West

  • Canada Pension Plan Investment Board / L'Office d'investissement du RPC
    Sept 10, 11:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Fidelity Investments
    Sept 10, 17:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Secor Group/Groupe Secor
    Sept 11, 11:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(CIBC)/Banque Canadienne Impériale de Commerce(CIBC)
    Sept 11, 17:30 - Omni Hotel - 1050 Sherbrooke Street West

  • Accenture
    Setp 11, 17:30 - Faculty Club Ballroom

  • Microsoft Corporation
    Sept 11, 18:00 - McConnell 11, 3480 University

  • National Bank Financial / Financière Banque Nationale
    Sept 12, 11:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • BMO Capital Markets
    Sept 12, 17:30 - Sofitel Hotel - 1155 Sherbrooke St. West

  • Bell Canada
    Sept 12, 17:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Microsoft Corporation
    Sept 12, 18:00 - McConnell 11, 3480 University

  • General Electric Canada (GE) / Générale Électrique du Canada (GE)
    Sept 13, 11:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Casgrain & Company Limited
    Sept 13, 17:30 - Bronfman, Greeniaus Room (625)

  • Oliver Wyman
    Sept 13, 17:30 - Bronfman,  McKee Lounge -  Room 600

  • Chubb Insurance Company of Canada/Chubb du Canada Compagnie d'Assurance
    Sept 17, 17:30 - Lounge at DECA 77-1077 Drummond (Bonaventure Metro)

  • Mosaic Sales Solutions
    Sept 17, 17:00 - Faculty Club

  • GlaxoSmithKline, Inc.
    Sept 19, 11:30 - Bronfman, Greeniaus Room (625)

  • Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC)/ Centre de las Sécurité des télécommunications Canada (CSTC)
    Sept 19, 15:00 - FDA 5, 3450 University

  • Deloitte Consulting / Samson Bélair-Deloitte & Touche s.e.n.c.r.l
    Sept 19, 17:30 - Faculty Club

  • HSBC Bank Canada / HSBC Banque Canada
    Sept 20, 11:30 - TBA

  • Deloitte Consulting / Samson Bélair-Deloitte & Touche s.e.n.c.r.l
    Sept 20, 12:00 - FDA 5, 3450 University

  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
    Sept 20, 17:30 - Bronfman, McKee Lounge - Room 600

  • Procter & Gamble Inc.
    Sept 24, 17:30 - TBA

  • Manulife Financial / Financière Manuvie
    Sept 25, 11:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Shell Canada Limited
    Sept 26, 11:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Suncor Energy (formerly Petro-Canada)
    Sept 27, 11:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Sun Life Financial / Financière Sun Life
    Sept 27, 17:30 - Bronfman, Nabisco - Room 620

  • Suncor Energy (formerly Petro-Canada)
    Sept 27, 17:30 - FDA 5, 3450 University

  • Google
    Sept 27, 19:30 - McConnell 11, 3480 University
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Workshops, Panels and Events

The events below are only a sampling of the many taking place this month. For a full listing of all events offered and to register, log-in to myFuture. Click on the "Events" tab and then the "Workshops/Panels/Events" tab. Select the event you would like to attend and click on "RSVP."

  • Workshop #2 = Discover the Hidden Job Market (cold calling, networking, researching employers)
    Sept 17, 10:00 - Brown 3001

  • Workshop #1 = Build your Job Search Tools (CV, cover letter, interview)
    Sept 17, 13:30 - Brown 3001

  • Medical School Applicants: It’s all about the interview
    Sept 19, 13:30 - Brown 3001

  • On Campus Recruitment Details in 30 minutes!
    Sept 20, 10:00 - Brown 3001
    Sept 21, 13:30 - Brown 3001
    Sept 24, 10:00 - Brown 3001
    Sept 26, 14:00 - Brown 3001
    Sept 27, 10:00 - Brown 3001
    Sept 28, 15:30 - Brown 3001

  • Workshop #6 = Practice Case Interviewing (prerequisite: workshop #1)
    Sept 21, 10:00 - Brown 3001
    Sept 28, 13:30 - Brown 3001

  • QS World Grad School Tour™ - Montreal
    Sept 22, 13:00 - Centre Sheraton

  • International students: Adapting to the Canadian job market
    Sept 24, 13:30 - Brown 3001

  • Would You Fund It? Fellowship Consultation Sessions
    Sept 24, 25, 27 - Must register for timeslot in myFuture. Keyword search "Skillsets"-Redpath Library

  • 2012 New Grad Career Expo
    Sept 25, 11:00 - Toronto

  • Workshop #4 = Practice your Networking (prerequisite: workshop #2)
    Sept 25, 13:00 - Brown 3001

  • Workshop #3 = Perfect your Professional Image (business etiquette, school to work transition)
    Sept 26, 10:00 - Brown 3001

  • Mac Campus: One Stop Shop - Everything you need to get your job search started
    Sept 28, 13:00 - Macdonald Campus, Conference Room MS-Building

  • Go Global Expo (Salon Expérience Internationale)
    Sept 30, 11:00 - Palais des congrès, Montreal

  • Careers for Globetrotters: Networking Café
    Sept 30, 13:00 - Palais des congrès, Montreal

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Sneak Peek Into October

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