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Vol. 14, Issue 4
Published by the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS)

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The holiday season is approaching! Over this next month, as the snow begins to settle upon Lower Field, don’t forget to continue your career exploration and preparation. If you are thinking about a potential career in Medicine or Law, this issue of the CaPSScoop contains a plethora of knowledge that will help you get informed! As well, stop by the CaPS office to learn more about other available resources and events.

Happy holidays, and have a wonderful winter break!

Inside this issue:

Career Days/ Career Fairs: Winter 2013
It's a Small World at Cuso International
So You Want to Go to Medical/Law School... Kind of.
Alumni Interviews with Winnie Hu: Going into Medicine with Sherif Emil
The McGill Mentor Program
Lisa's Corner
Labour Market Information


Career Days/Career Fairs: Winter 2013

Work Your BA
January 28th - February 7th

Get ready for Work Your BA Weeks this January.  The AUS in collaboration with CaPS is bringing you a series of panel discussions and workshops titled "Work Your BA" to show you and everyone else what you can do with your degree.

Green Careers Week
February 26-28, 2013

Interested in making a difference? This week will provide you with labour market information and the opportunity to hear from people who work in "Green Careers." Come to the Professional Panels, Career Fair, and Workshops.

Career Fairs

Career fairs are events organized by the Career Planning Service and other career centres, often together with faculty associations and student groups, and provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet with company representatives from a variety of industries. Career fairs allow you to gather information on companies, find out about entry level positions and career paths, and develop employer contact to enhance your job search. Be prepared to collect company literature and business cards, and distribute your CV. Keep in mind that this is a forum where both future employees and employers can network and explore job opportunities in today's fields.

  • McGill Public Service Career Fair
    January 28th, 2013
  • McGill Education Career Fair
    February 4th, 2013
  • McGill University Technology Career Fair (McGill Techfair)
    February 6th, 2013

  • Environmental Career Fair
    February 27th, 2013

  • McGill Physical and Occupational Therapy & Speech, Language and Communication Disorders Career Fair
    March 2013
  • McGill School of Information Studies Career Fair
    March 2013

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It's a Small World at Cuso International

December is one of my favourite months in Montréal; from the decorated department store windows and holiday classics playing inside, to the abundant selection of festive flavours offered by the cafés on McGill College, the city conceives a magical atmosphere like no other.  Some students camp out in the library to study for finals, while others navigate through the crowds on Sainte-Catherine Street to purchase gifts for the special people in their lives.  Amongst all of the hustle and bustle, it is a common practice that we take time to reflect on ourselves and find ways to improve our behaviour in the upcoming year.  Many people engage in volunteer activities during the holidays, but help is still needed in the weeks and months afterward --which is where Cuso International comes in.

So You Want to Go to Medical/Law School... Kind of.

Deciding to go to law or medical school is a big decision, and even just applying is a full-time job! There are personal statements, references, entrance exams, interviews—the number of steps can seem endless. If you are feeling unsure or undecided about whether or not you want to attend, this process can be daunting. Before embarking on this huge task, there are many factors to consider as you explore these career paths; if you are on the fence, it is important to ask yourself: What is your motivation? What are your goals? Is this the right thing for you? 

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Alumni Interviews with Winnie Hu: Going into Medicine with Sherif Emil

A close friend of mine, in Biochemistry & Immunology, said to me last year that she wasn’t thinking about medical school. According to her, she had been stuck with technical terms galore for the past two years, and was not about to put herself through another decade of scientific jargon. She wanted to write, edit, and do something fun. Being a student of Medicine would undoubtedly kill that fantasy. She didn’t want to slave away her youth doing something that wasn’t interesting.

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The McGill Mentor Program
“Branch out and explore your possibilities”

Looking for a chance to learn more about your dream career and how to get there? CaPS is here to help! The McGill Mentor Program connects current McGill students with McGill alumni who have navigated their way to fulfilling careers; these professional volunteers share their first-hand knowledge of the working world to help their mentees achieve the same successful trajectories. If you would like the opportunity to gain valuable advice about career options, organizations, and industries, sign up for a mentor today! Visit http://caps.mcgill.ca/ci2/ to apply, or email mentor.caps@mcgill.ca for more information.

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Lisa's Corner

Are you looking for a paid work experience in a school environment?

Odyssey http://myodyssey.ca/ is a language-assistant program.  The program gives you the opportunity to live in another province, share your culture, and make a difference in the lives of young people in your host community.  You will receive a salary of $18,500 for the nine months of your work term.

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Labour Market Information


This monthly bulletin aims to inform you of major news and trends in the Québec, Canada and U.S. labour markets. Your feedback is welcome caps.library@mcgill.ca.

In this issue

  • Is Quebec really a job-creation machine?
  • Euro zone unemployment rose to new records highs
  • 9 in 10 young Canadians feeling excessively stressed
  • The Manitoba-Ontario border has become a stark dividing line on the unemployment map
  • Occupational highlight: Recreation, Sports and Fitness Program Supervisors and Consultants
  • And more!

The good news

Obama gets relief as job numbers beat expectations
Financial Post, 02 November 2012

Hiring in the U.S. increased more than forecast in October as employers looked past slowing global growth and political gridlock at home.

Is Quebec really a job-creation machine?
Montreal Gazette, 02 November 2012

Quebec’s economic growth is actually a good deal less powerful than in the rest of Canada, and job creation is tied closely to growth, making this happy job-market picture a bit hard to believe.

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  • Mac Campus: One Stop Shop - Everything you need to get your job search started
    December 7th, 10:00am-1:00pm – Macdonald Campus, Conference Room MS-Building

    This intensive workshop covers the essentials of preparing for a career outside academia. Topics include networking, cover letter & CV writing, and interviewing. By attending this workshop, students will be able to:
    1) Understand the steps in the job search process.
    2) Clearly define the essential components of a CV and cover letter.
    3) Understand the importance of networking.
    4) Define what is involved in thorough interview preparation.

    Sneak Peak into January

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