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April 2009

C.V. Drop-In

Undergraduate students can drop in to CaPS, where a Career Advisor or Peer Educator will provide basic feedback and suggestions regarding your CV. Should this revision period prove insufficient, we would recommend you make an individual appointment. Please know we unfortunately cannot review cover letters during this time.

All students should note that there is limited space available for Advising/CV Drop-ins. Depending on the time of year we are able to take a maximum of 4-8 students for each Advising/CV Drop-in timeslot. Advising/CV Drop-ins are on a first-come, first-serve basis for a 15 minute session. You may sign up for any given Drop-In 15 minutes prior the timeslot.

For a listing of C.V. Drop-In times, please click here.

Advising Drop-In

Undergraduate students can drop in to CaPS to speak with a Career Advisor without an appointment for a quick question you may have or as a preliminary meeting to help you set your future goals.

For a listing of Advising Drop-In times, please click here.

Check out the Vault Guide

Vault is the world’s leading source of career information.  It will make your efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects infinitely easier and more efficient.

Vault has a ton of material on finding summer jobs and internships.

Check it out today (you must be connected to the McGill VPN).

New CaPS Podcasts

CaPS is proud to announce its third and fourth podcasts.

How to Write a Cover Letter and Networking Your Way to the Job You Want are now available online, along with our other podcasts CV Writing and How to Interview for a Job.

Other Career Centres on Campus

Are you in Law? Engineering? Management? Education?

Did you know that you have a career centre in your Faculty?

Click here for a list faculty-specific career centres.

Join the Mentor Program

The Mentor Program links current McGill students with working McGill alumni. It gives you the rare opportunity to enter into a professional relationship that can help shape your career path by giving you insider information. You will have the opportunity to receive advice, build professional networks and ask any and all questions about the realities of work and life beyond the classroom.

With the McGill Mentor Program, advice is free. Sign up or get more information online at caps.mcgill.ca/ci2 or contact the Mentor Program Coordinator at mentor.caps@mcgill.ca.

myFuture Resume Builder

myFuture has now incorporated a resume builder which you can find in your Documents tab.  This new feature provides all the resources you need to create and submit your resume. It's quick and easy to use and produces high-quality, professional-looking resumes you can access anytime, from any computer.   Check it out by going to your Document tab from your myFuture homepage and click on the Resume Builder tab. 

Click here for a quick training guide.

(But remember, CaPS also holds a daily C.V. drop-in where you can have your C.V. reviewed.

Become of a fan of CaPS

Become a fan of the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) on Facebook as an extra way to stay informed about the latest CaPS events!

Contact Us

CaPS is located in the Brown Student Services Building (3600 McTavish, Suite 2200).

We also have an office at Macdonald Campus in the Centennial Centre.

Check out our website for details on all our programs and services!

For further inquiries, or to book an appointment with an advisor, please email us or call 514-398-3304 or drop into our office.


Good luck on your exams! Remember that CaPS is here to help you find a summer job or your first job after graduation.

Don't leave your summer job search until the last minute! If you are still looking for a summer job, take the time to read Vanessa Franco's article. It contains great resources on where to look for summer job postings. For general information on the job search process, consult "Nine Steps in the Job Search" on our website..

As always, we are here to review your C.V. or cover letter and meet with you individually if you need it.

Front row (left to right): Josie Capizzi, Cindy Mancuso, Susan Molnar, Janice Tester
Back row (left to right): Vanessa Franco, Eleanore McNaughton, Catherine Stace, Lucy Nunez, Linda Cicuta, Lorna MacEachern, Jan Bottomer, Gregg Blachford

For contact information, please click here.

In this issue:

So What Are You Going to do After You Graduate?
Don’t Talk like U Text: Telephone Etiquette while Job Searching

Forensics & Fraud: Today’s Sexy Accountants
Open the Door to New Opportunities: Prepare for a Career in the Accounting Profession
Summer Jobs: Where to Find Them
Dalhousie’s Corporate Residency MBA Defies Recession
Job Finding Club - Starts in May
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So What Are You Going to do After You Graduate? Getting Your Post-Grad Job Search Off the Ground...

by Jan Bottomer, CaPS Music and Arts Career Advisor

It’s a question which has probably become more and more pressing and even more frequently repeated as the number of weeks remaining in your final term tick by. While you know you *should* be devoting some time to figuring out your answer – researching jobs and employers, working on your CV etc., it’s challenging to balance these important tasks with the urgency of papers due shortly and exams on the horizon. Starting early with regards to your post-graduation job search has its advantages but the key word here is STARTING, and this is definitely a case of better now than later or never!

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Don’t Talk like U Text: Telephone Etiquette while Job Searching

by Linda Cicuta, CaPS Career Advisor

Although we are in an age of high technology and constant use of emails, text messaging and video conferencing; the basic telephone is still an integral form of communication between you and a potential employer. Effective use of the telephone is an essential part of your job search.

When using the phone, you need to ensure you are always professional and polite, which can be difficult, especially if you are caught off guard. This is why preparation and anticipation is important.

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Forensics & Fraud: Today’s Sexy Accountants

by Corey Anne Bloom CA, CA•IFA, CFE

The perception of the dull, boring, quirky accountant has changed radically with the advent of the forensic accountant. Forensics is thought to be both sexy and glamorous as forensic accountants seek to discover and help right financial wrongs. What could be more edgy and exciting than working closely with the RCMP or the FBI when following a money trail cross border without alerting the fraudsters?

The forensic accountant is in great demand to provide assistance to the public who have been unwittingly duped by corporations, business partners, or even trusted friends. The elderly who are deprived of their retirement money, the college student who has unwittingly lost his tuition money in a pyramid scheme, the real estate investor who trusted his friend and partner in a joint venture, the owner of a company whose employee has embezzled funds as well as many others whose dreams have been shattered along with their financial security need the help of investigative forensic examiners.

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Open the Door to New Opportunities: Prepare for a Career in the Accounting Profession

submitted by McGill Continuing Education

Choosing a profession is one of the most important decisions you can make. Be among a select group of professionals in a stimulating, challenging and exciting career. Whether you want to work in public practice, private practice, industry or government, the accounting profession offers you a wide range of career opportunities. Today’s accountant needs a new skill set, one in which initiative, teamwork, flexibility, analytical skills and communication skills are demonstrated, all of which must be backed by pertinent technical and academic knowledge. To find out more about the accounting programs offered by the Department of Career and Management Studies, visit us on the web at: www.mcgill.ca/conted-cms/programs/accounting/.

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Summer Jobs: Where to Find Them

by Vanessa Franco, CaPS Career Resource Consultant

The end of the semester is nigh and perhaps you’ve been thinking about finding a summer job. In between assignments and preparations for final exams, the task can seem overwhelming. For tips on summer job success, see Jan Bottomer’s January 2009 Scoop article. Armed with those strategies, you will need to know where to look.

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Dalhousie’s Corporate Residency MBA Defies Recession

submitted by Dalhousie University

As graduating students cope with an impending era of fiscal constraint, Dalhousie’s School of Business director reminds us that hard times call for wise investments. “Senior HR executives have to manage not just for the present but for the future of their organization,” says Peggy Cunningham, the new director of the School. “Having the right people being groomed now to face the leadership challenges of tomorrow is a wise strategy. Our Corporate Residency MBA delivers highly employable self-starters to organizations who can then partner with the student to tailor the academic, professional development and work experience components of our program to meet their leadership needs.”

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Job Finding Club

Work with fourteen other students all looking to find a job. You will have each other for support, with the assistance of the CaPS facilitator, Janice Tester, and career advisors. It is a two-week intensive program designed to empower you to find work in your field and in a job you will love.

There is no administrative fee to participate. The only cost to the student is for the purchase of the Job Search Handbook ($8).

You need to apply and we consider people on a first-come-first-served basis.  You will register at the CaPS reception by filling out an application form and submitting your CV. After which, we will contact you for a selection interview with an advisor. 

The dates of the next Job Finding Clubs are:

  • May 4th to 15th, 2009
  • May 25th to June 5th, 2009
  • August 17th to 28th, 2009

Are you ready for this wonderful opportunity?  Check out the program on our website at http://www.mcgill.ca/caps/students/services/jfc/ for full details and/or come to our office.

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The events below are only a sampling of the many taking place this month. For a full listing of all events offered this month and to register, log-in to myFuture. Click on the "Events" tab and then the "Workshops/Panels/Events" tab. Select the event you would like to attend and click on "RSVP."

  • International Teaching Opportunities for Certified Teachers (K-12)
    April 3, 11h15-13h15: Currie Gym, Room 305/306

    This 2 hour presentation on International Teaching given by Alan Travers from Queen’s University will discuss the motivation for going abroad, pros and cons, job search resources, main routes for securing a job, including information on international development, overseas projects through the Canadian Teacher Federation.  The presentation will end with a 15 minute visual tour of overseas schools and information about the International Recruitment Fair.  Although this workshop is for certified teachers, grad students without teacher certification who have either an interest in teaching English as a second language or in international development work in Education are welcome.  For more information please visit http://educ.queensu.ca/careers

  • Festival de l'Emploi de la Rive-Sud
    April 4, 10h30-18h00: 325, av. des Pensées, Bécancour

    La CCIB et Emploi-Québec souhaitent vous annoncer qu’un nouvel événement d’envergure, aura lieu... Découvrez pourquoi il est avantageux pour vous de participer au Festival de l'Emploi de la Rive-Sud.

  • Salon Carrières et Emplois
    April 15-16, Palais des congrès

    For more information, please consult their website.

  • SWAP Info Session (Student Work Abroad Program)
    April 22, 18h00-19h00: Voyages Campus, Shatner Building

    SWAP Focus on the South Pacific.

    Please rsvp mcgill@voyagescampus.com.

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