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October 2007

Welcome to the October 2007 edition of the CAPSScoop, a publication of CAPS - the McGill Career Centre.

There is a lot going on this month and you are encouraged to take full advantage of the presentations, workshops and events offered by our office. Whether you are in your first year or graduating from McGill, check out CAPS and our many services!

Be sure to read Lucy Armstrong's interview with an employee of Greenpeace. Lucy's column will be a monthly feature.

In this issue:

CAPS Career Week - In Pursuit of Happiness?
Lost? Confused? Consider P.A.C.E.!
Dr. Joseph Grenier on Mentoring and the McGill Mentor Program
Leadership For Life! A Summit for First-Year Students
Career Development Workshops
To All First Year Students!
Apply for Government Jobs NOW!
Working with Greenpeace: A Career to Impact the Entire World and its Children
Campus Recruitment Information Sessions
Leadership Skills Development Workshops
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This year marks the fifth annual CAPS Career Week Student Conference (Nov 5-9, 2007).  Here is your chance to participate in activities and explore resources that will get you thinking about opportunities beyond the McGill gates. With Canadian employers in the throes of a skilled-labour shortage, job seekers and people in the midst of career transition have access to an exciting and ever broadening range of employment opportunities across the country and internationally.

This year’s theme, In Pursuit of Happiness, captures the vibrancy and optimism of today’s economic market. To assist you in finding or creating work that is true to your individual nature and makes you feel good about yourself, CAPS has invited an exciting array of professionals, from all walks of life. Come listen and meet with people who have truly found their work-life balance!

The conference will start off with McGill students talking about how they balance their school life with their pursuit of sports. The week will then be filled with a series of panel discussions and end with a session on addressing career myths. 

To view this year's programme and to register, click here.

Lost? Confused? Consider P.A.C.E.!

Does you have any of the following concerns/questions?:

• I don’t know what I’m interested in.
• What major should I pick?
• What will I do with my degree/major after I graduate?
• Will employers hire me with just an undergraduate degree?
• What are my marketable skills as university student?
• Do I have a better chance at a good career if I’m in the sciences?
• Should I pursue graduate school right after my undergrad?

If so, then the PACE (the Program for the Advancement of Career Exploration) is the program for you.

PACE is a program designed to help students explore their interests, values and personality type and how that may influence their career choices, through the use of vocational tests as well as a series of exercises. This interactive program takes students through a set of four weekly workshops led by career counselors from both McGill’s Counselling Service and McGill’s Career Centre (CAPS).  Students can take the PACE program at any time throughout their degree, however we encourage you not to wait until your last year.

If you are interested in the program check out our website!

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Dr. Joseph Grenier on Mentoring and the McGill Mentor Program

For the past few months I have been volunteering as a mentor through the McGill Mentor Program. This innovative program is designed to help McGill students navigate their career paths by benefiting from the experience of McGill alumni. My own career has taken me from the Brain Research Laboratory to the dark side of Terrorism and the frightening front of public health disasters. With my diligently gained knowledge about the challenges and benefits of academia, medical practice, and public health, I can now advise students on how to prepare for their careers and optimize their performances.

As a budding physician several years ago I did not understand where the medical profession was headed. Downsizing and budgetary restrictions continue to have a profound effect upon doctors and the health care system – especially in the United States, where many of my classmates from the Class of ‘89 ended up training and practicing medicine. The growth of terrorism and the threats of natural and man-made disasters like global warming are all real, growing threats. What I have learned as a professional gives me the kind of insight that can’t be learned in a classroom; insight which I am proud to share with my mentees.

I currently mentor two undergraduate students, one of whom is interested in my field of public health. What I am most impressed with is their diverse and impressive academic (and non-academic) backgrounds: one of my students works in a cutting edge neuroscience lab at McGill; the other works in psychophysics. Both of my students are planning on careers in medicine, and I am pleased to say that much of my practical experience has proven helpful. By informing these two students, I have given them the tools to enter the profession of medicine and excel.

The McGill Mentor Program is different than most mentor programs: it offers practical advice similar to that which an academic dean of students or a faculty preceptor could offer, and imposes no pressure to perform (as would an internship yielding similar experience).

I would advise each and every student to take advantage of this luxury and participate in the Mentor Program. This sort of unfettered advice is exactly what I wish I had available to me in my early undergraduate and medical education years.

Dr. Joseph Grenier is a chemical and bioengineering consultant for The Neurophysiology Foundation in Saint Charles, Illinois. He received an M.D. from McGill Medical School in 1989, and holds a Ph. D. from Oakland University.

The McGill Mentor Program accepts all McGill students at any academic level, and is free for full-time students. To sign up or for more information, visit www.caps.mcgill.ca/ci2 or drop by the CAPS office.

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Leadership For Life! A Summit for First-Year Students

Are you a first-year student at McGill? Are you looking for ways to get involved on- and off-campus? The First-Year Office’s Leadership Training Program has just the thing for you! For the first time ever, McGill will be hosting Leadership For Life! A Leadership Summit for First-Year Students.

McGill can be a big and intimidating place - especially for new students.

Leadership For Life! was created to help new students build leadership skills, get to know the resources on campus, meet other first-year students and find a place for themselves at McGill and in Montreal by getting involved in the student or community organizations. Leadership For Life! is a free, full day of leadership workshops including a Leadership Fair during lunch where student and Montreal organizations will tell you about the different ways you can get involved as a volunteer or in a leadership role.

When you look back, your most memorable McGill moments will likely be the time you spend with other students, working on the things you care and are passionate about. Don’t wait to get involved. Join McGill For Life! and find out what life at McGill and in Montreal are all about!  

The leadership summit is a great first step for all students. No previous leadership experience is required. Registration starts mid-October and is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, visit the First-Year Office in the Brown Student Services Building, Suite 2100 or call Ida at 514-398-6913.

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Below are selected events of interest. A complete listing can be found on the CAPS Events Calendar.

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Career Development Workshops

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