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CAPS Scoop
Students' Edition
A Publication of McGill's Career & Placement Service (CAPS)
Volume 8, Issue 8
April 2007

In this issue:

1. The Job Finding Club

2. My Amazing Experience with the McGill Mentor Program

3. Finding That Elusive Summer Job

4. 19th Century Job

5. Votre appel est important pour nous!

6. April Events

My Amazing Experience with the McGill Mentor Program by Jennifer Palmer

This year, I had the amazing opportunity of collaborating online with a psychiatrist who is a McGill graduate working in Mexico.  I had my own personal mentor matched by the McGill Mentor Program through the Career and Placement Service.  
I am interested in psychology and medicine and so I was set-up with someone who is involved in both of these professional domains.  I had a lot of questions and my mentor was quick to answer all of them.  He guided me in research ideas, philosophical questions and of course he answered all those burning questions one has about what is required to get a job in the field.  In addition, we discussed what opportunities exist out there.  He answered all my questions about what to expect in med school, in psychology, in graduate schools and about how to get good internships. 

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The Job Finding Club by Sinoun Oun

While the name is pretty self-explanatory, the CAPS Job Finding Club is more than just a career-search resource. After all, finding a job isn’t only about sending out CVs and going for interviews, it requires thoughtful planning and research and most of all, valuable feedback and support, which are all fundamental features of the CAPS Job Finding Club.

Led by a facilitator, the program is made up of 10 to 15 graduating students, all of whom are seeking employment in their field.  It is a two-week program tailored towards teaching students the most effective job-search techniques, based on the idea that job-hunting is in itself a full-time job and is best undertaken with a group of people.

Through a series of workshops, discussions and exercises, the CAPS Job Finding Club enables participants to not only learn, but more importantly to implement the knowledge as they acquire it. Networking, information gathering, interviewing and targeted searches are some of the key topics that are covered in the program and practice is encouraged on a daily basis. What makes it unique is that it is provided in the context of peer support and encouragement; thus the frustrations that usually accompany the job-search are minimized mainly because members don’t feel alone. Each member benefits from the mutual support and constructive feedback of the entire group, as well as the personalized assistance of the facilitator. During the two-week period, participants actively engage in processes such as self-assessment, cold-calling, creating customized CVs, cover letters, and business cards.  They practice their interviewing skills and learn to be efficient communicators.  In honing their own skills, students are able to help others where they excel, and receive help in the areas that require improvement. The sessions also feature guest speakers, generally past CAPS Job Finding Club participants, who impart further inspiration and encouragement. Participants also benefit from the available CAPS resources, including specialized directories and job leads, as well as the continual support from career advisors.  In many ways then, the CAPS JFC acts as a forum for growth and exploration allowing one to step beyond the comfort zone so as to be more competitive in the job market.

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Finding that Elusive Summer Job

Are you at the point where you figure summer jobs are just a source of income? Well think again! In the long run, that summer job may help you to get a job after graduation. Not only can it give you skills and experience to highlight on your CV, but it also gets your name out there and builds you a network of contacts. Your summer job can also help make decisions about career options in your future.

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19th Century Job by Amber Grant

It’s not every day your work clothes consist of a 19th-century royal blue gown, complete with lace frills, a blouse buttoned to the collar, a hoop skirt, and a matching parasol.  Then again, it’s not every day that the floors of your work place crack with use and age, that the main locks are opened with two hundred year-old keys, that your desk is an antique, and that the building you work in is so draped in history, it can be directly linked to Quebec and Canada’s pasts.

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Votre appel est important pour nous! by Vickey Habel

De bons emplois nous entourent, dont ceux qui se trouvent dans les nombreux centres d’appels. Il y a plusieurs sortes de centres tels que ceux qui accueillent des appels entrants et sortants. On retrouve des postes d’agent de service à la clientèle, de télémarketing, ventes internes, préposé aux collections, préposés à l’information, ainsi que des consultants en tourisme, agent de réservations et autres.

Le travail téléphonique peut être bénéfique comme il peut être un malencontreux. Il y a de merveilleuses raisons pour lesquelles envisager un poste en centre d’appels, celles-ci comprennent une bonne rémunération et une formation fournie. Souvent les employés sont syndiqués ou le deviennent après un certain temps et les opportunités d’avancement se montrent fréquemment. Une fois l’expérience acquise on peut se voir offrir des postes de superviseur, gérant, et plus encore.

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April Events


Be sure to check out our regular workshops on a variety of different topics, such as CV and Cover Letter Writing, Internships and much more! The CAPS Events Calendar also contains a listing of career-related events on and off campus.
4th: Korea Connections Presentation
5th: SUCO-Solidarité-Union-Coopération Presentation
7th: Customer Service Representatives Job Fair (Toronto)
10th: Successful Interview Techniques
11th-12th: Montreal Job Training Fair

13th: Networking Skills for Graduate Students and Post-Docs

16th: Successful Interview Techniques for Graduate Students (M, PhD, Post-Docs)
23rd: Make a Profit from Your Creative Pursuits

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