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Summer at CAPS
Vol 7, issue 5
June 2006

Summer Hours

All three of our locations are open to serve you this summer:

June: Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM (offices are closed on June 22, 23, 29 and 30)

July and August: Monday to Thursday, 9AM to 5PM (offices are closed on Fridays starting July 7 and ending on August 18)

Regular business hours resume as of August 21

The CAPS Scoop is looking for writers! Need a creative outlet? We have something for you! We are always looking for freelance writers to compose some articles for our upcoming CAPS Scoop editions. Let us know if you want to take part!

Laura Massé, CAPS Scoop Editor

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Praises?

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or praises about this Newsletter or CAPS Scoop, please e-mail the CAPS Scoop Coordinator at: caps.cpe@mcgill.ca

CAPS Scoop Online Newsletter
Vol 8, issue 5
June 2006

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Summer Workshops

Need some help looking for a job? Let CAPS and our amazing workshops come to the rescue! Click on the date to register.

  1. Writing an Effective C.V.
  2. Networking Your Way to the Job You Want
  3. Successful Interview Techniques
  4. Tree Planting

Campus Recruitment

Graduating in the spring of 2007? Well then, we have something for you! Campus Recruitment is coming up and you have to be part of it. Wondering what this is all about? Every September companies come onto campus to recruit McGill students who are interested in the areas of Consulting, Financial Institutions and Information Technology. It's a great way to gain information and get your name out there! To find out more information, click here.

McGill Career Fairs

McGill Career Fairs are events organized by the Career and Placement Service of McGill University, often together with faculty associations and student groups, and provide an excellent opportunity for you to meet with company representatives from a variety of industries.

Career Days allow you to gather information on companies, find out about entry-level positions and career paths. Perhaps most importantly, they allow you to develop personal contacts that can be critical in your job search. Be prepared to collect company literature and business cards, and distribute your C.V. Our objective is to provide a forum where both future employees and employers can network and explore job opportunities in today's fields. There are a few upcoming Career Fairs that you should definitely take a look at. So take some time out of your busy schedules and go out and take a look at what they have to offer you!

Click here for a complete listing of upcoming career fairs.










Volunteer with CAPS!

by Laura Massé, Peer Educator Program Coordinator

Are you analytical, but like to help? Even if you aren't, this program might be for you! The Peer Educator Program, presented by the McGill Career and Placement Serivce, is a great way to get involved and beef up your leadership skills. It involves meeting new people, working with fellow students and helping out. Who doesn't like that?

Two main projects Peer Educators help with are:

  • C.V. drop-in sessions
  • Campus outreach

Depending on what you feel comfortable with, you can choose how much you get involved with CAPS. For C.V. drop-ins you work side-by-side with a career advisor to revise other students C.V.'s. Once you are comfortable, you have the opportunity to run the session on your own! Campus outreach involves going to your classes and filling students in on what is going on here at CAPS.

If you are interested in more information or getting involved, feel free to get in touch with me at caps.cpe@mcgill.ca.

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There are also four electronic editions published in October, January, March and June. Make sure to check them out so you can be up-to-date with what's going on in the office and on the job market.

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Peer Educator Blog

Are you ever surfing the net and think to yourself, "Man I really feel like reading about some other students at McGill"? Well do we have the place for you! A new part of the CAPS website is the new CAPS Peer Educator Blog! You can look into the mysterious lives of the Peer Educators on our blog webpage. We'll give you tidbits on our life, as well as our wonderful lives at CAPS. Visit our current postings written by Laura, the Peer Educator Coordinator, and Johanna, the Mentor Program Coordinator.

















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