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January 31, 2006
Volume 7, issue 3

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  2. How to Find a Research Job at McGill
  3. Exploring the World of Government and Public Service Opportunities
  4. Book Review: Graduate School: Winning Strategies For Getting in With or Without Excellent Grades
  5. Overview
  6. Workopolis Campus Overview

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January 31, 2006
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How to Find a Research Job at McGill

  by Shatha Saqqa

Professor and Students doing ResearchWhether you know the job you want, the professor you want to work with or the subject you want to research, finding a research job at McGill isn’t as difficult as students seem to think. The key to getting that McGill research job is to distinguish yourself from the rest of the students applying to the same position, and this is where taking the time to let the professor get to know you comes into play. Professors will be more willing to hire you knowing that you are genuinely interested in their research and are qualified to conduct it.

The common mistake many students make is presenting a professor, who barely knows them, with their CV. What students don’t contemplate is that they are not the only ones applying for the same position. Put yourself in the professor’s shoes: who would you hire? A student you know personally and whom... (continue reading How to Find a Research Job at McGill, 450 more words)

Exploring the World of Government and Public Service Opportunities

  by Deborah Rubin

The best way to get a taste for government and public service jobs is to intern during the summer months between academic years.  However, there are also many opportunities to explore this wide field after graduating.  There are jobs at both the local and international levels, but no matter what you choose to apply for, holding a government or public service job allows for a great learning experience. 

If you are Canadian, you may want to consider looking into the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP).  This program is designed for students and offers positions for those with all different skill-levels.  Students submit applications to the Public Service Commission of Canada and these applications are sent through a database that identifies the skills, level of education and other qualifications necessary for particular government jobs.  Then, the system assigns qualified applicants to the appropriate jobs in the database.  Students would then... (continue reading Exploring the World of Government and Public Service Opportunities, 537 more words)

Book Review: Graduate School: Winning Strategies For Getting in With or Without Excellent Grades

  by Mary Savvidou

Dave G. Mumby’s Graduate School: Winning Strategies For Getting in With or Without Excellent Grades is a must read for undergraduates or recent graduates who wish to pursue further education before entering the job market. This is a very concise and well organized book with a threefold purpose: firstly, to encourage more students to apply to graduate school, secondly, to help students successfully handle the application process, and finally, to reveal the strategies that make certain applicants outstanding.

In the first part of the book, Mumby educates his readers about issues such as the differences between graduate and undergraduate school, the many ways to finance graduate studies, as well as the workings of the selection process. For instance, as pertains to the latter, hesitant students may be pleasantly surprised to find out that an attractive personality could compensate for a less than excellent GPA. Moreover, the author outlines steps to... (continue reading Book Review: Graduate School: Winning Strategies For Getting in With or Without Excellent Grades, 175 more words) Overview

  by Natalia Kudryashova

The website deserves attention from any job seeker not only for its size but it also claims to be the most visited career website in Canada. At any given moment, there are over 25,000 Canadian job postings.

For first-time visitors, Monster has a special page with tips on how to... (continue reading Overview, 192 more words)

Workopolis Campus Overview

  by Natalia Kudryashova is a large Canadian web portal that offers plenty of useful information on choosing and pursuing careers, as well as some job market analysis. The website is bilingual, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

The website is designed to serve as a link between students or recent graduates and potential employers: it helps to overcome difficulties related to the integration of young professionals into the job market. Students who lack professional experience are offered suggestion... (continue reading Workopolis Campus Overview, 197 more words)

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