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Winter 2011

Graduate Career Advisors @ CaPS

Susan Molnar and Lorna MacEachern are available to meet with you to discuss your career options and job search strategies.

To book an appointment, call 514-398-3304, x0321.

Susan Molnar

Lorna MacEachern

Grad Advising & CV Drop-In

Advising and CV Drop-In for graduate students is held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15h00-16h30 and Fridays from 10h00-11h30 and does not require an appointment, but space is limited. First come, first served.

Join our NEW CaPS LinkedIn Group!

Our  group is designed to help you build a solid career-focused online network and to exchange job search experiences. You will also benefit from the career education expertise of the qualified staff at CaPS and have the opportunity to view information regarding job search strategies and networking events. CaPS also invites McGill faculty, advisors and other staff members interested in helping students with their career-related endeavors.

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Academic Career Week
Oct 2010

For those of you who were not able to attend Academic Career Week in October 2010, most panels have been taped and are available for viewing or on loan from our resource library. For a complete list of available media, view CaPS Career Panels on DVD

McGill's Counselling Services

If you are unsure what types of careers you are suited for, you may want to take advantage of your student rate at McGill’s  Counselling Services by calling 514-398-3601. They offer two tests: The  Myers Briggs Type Indicator, which assesses personality & the Strong which looks at career interest.  For $38.00 you receive a report and a meeting with a counsellor to review your results.

Skillsets Workshops

SKILLSETS is an initiative from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Teaching and Learning Services designed to complement the research training provided by the academic experience at McGill University.
Looking to develop your communication, teaching or research skills? Check out the SKILLSETS calendar for 2011 upcoming events and register today!

McGill Entrepreneur Start-Up Boot Camp

Fri, Jan. 28, 2011
8:45am - 5:00pm

McGill Start-Up Boot Camp is an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to spend a day learning how to move their start-up ideas forward, and benefit from a panel of McGill faculty, alumni and students who can offer recommendations to help grow and advance business ideas. Please see the tentative schedule via the link above.

Students of all faculties are encouraged to participate, even if they have no prior knowledge of business. This Start-Up Boot Camp is meant to be an introduction to the Dobson Cup competition and so having a business idea is not necessary! Whether you already have an idea, a special skill, or just an interest in learning about start-up businesses, you are welcome to attend.

Know Salary and Labour Market Information

Obtaining a good understanding of today’s salary scales and labour market trends is important to your job search, and more specifically, to your interview. Being able to comfortably answer questions like
“what are your salary expectations” or “where do you see yourself in five years” can be crucial to the employer’s decision making.

Click here for resources and information regarding current salary and labour market information.

Vault Career Guide

As a McGill student you have access to our subscription to  the Vault Career Guides.
(VPN is required.  Individual registration is required)

  • Downloadable guidebooks

  • Insider company surveys

  • Industry profiles

  • Career advice

Contact me

If you have any suggestions about how we can better serve you, don't hesitate to contact me.

Susan Molnar, M.Ed.
Graduate Career Advisor
(514) 398-3304 x0759

Welcome back and Happy New Year.

May your resolutions gain momentum.

This issue highlights Science Careers, but also contains useful information for other faculties. You will find an article on Building Research Careers Outside Academia & many other resources to explore depending on how you would like to apply your graduate training.

In this issue:

Building Science-based Research Careers Outside Academia (Part 1)
Cégep Panel
Placement Agencies of Interest
Science Communication & Writing
Grad Career Planning Workshops (for Winter semester)
Careers at the United Nations
Contact Us

Building Science-based Research Careers Outside Academia (Part 1)

by Susan Molnar, Graduate Career Advisor

So you're looking at careers outside of academia? As you ponder the skills that you acquired while in graduate school that you might be able to transfer to the 'real world,' you might come to the conclusion that you still like research and therefore want to consider pursuing a research career outside academia. www.sciencecareers.org is a good place to begin your search. Not only does it have job postings, it also has useful articles and job profiles with a separate section for post docs.

[Continue reading this article for useful information and resources on science-based careers in Commercial R&D, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, the Government, and Research Institutions.]

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Cégep Panel

Jan 24th, 12-1:30 Thomson House Ballroom

If you are interested in teaching at CEGEP attend this panel discussion to hear what recruiters, professors and administrators have to say about  current trends in the labour market, what employers seek in new teachers,  how teachers are evaluated, the interview process and differences when applying to a French Cégep.

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Placement Agencies of Interest for Science-Based Jobs

These placement agencies can help connect you with employers:

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Science Communication & Writing

Many scientists 'transfer' into a career writing about science. Here is information about how to make this transition.

Books on science writing:

  • Field Guide for Science Writers, A : The Official Guide of the National Association of Science Writers (2006)

  • Ideas into Words: Mastering the Craft of Science Writing (2003)

  • Tech Writer's Survival Guide, The: a Comprehensive Handbook for Aspiring Technical Writers (2001)

Online articles on Careers in Science Writing:

Associations :

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Grad Career Planning Workshops (for Winter semester)

Registration for all of the following workshops is available through myFuture. Click on the "Workshops/Events" tab and select the "Workshops" tab.

Downtown Campus:

  • Self Assessment & Careers Outside Academia (Module 1)

Wondering what career path is right for you, but don't know what you have to offer? In this highly interactive workshop you will explore your interests, values, and skills.

Jan 20th 10-11 :30 Brown 3001

  • Job Search Simplified: Networking or Not Working! (Module 2)

This is an overview on how to find a job outside academia, followed by an in-depth look at networking as the most effective job search strategy.

Jan 27, 10-11:30, Brown 3001

  • Effective Job Applications for a Career Outside Acadamia (Module 3)

This intensive workshop will help you to prepare your non-academic CV and cover letter.

Feb 3rd 3-4:30 Brown 3001

  • Interviewing Theory and Practice (Module 4)

This popular workshop covers what to do before, during, and after a job interview; followed by an interview practice session.

Feb 4th 3-4:30 Brown 3001

  • ECC: Business Etiquette Workshop

Feb 11, 2:30-4:00, FDA 5, 3450 University

  • ECC: Salary & Offer Negotiation Workshop

Feb 13, 1:30-3:00, FDA 5, 3450 University

  • Understanding Your Graduate Experience

Wondering if your experience of grad school is typical? New to grad school and want to find out what to expect? Find out more about recent research and theories of grad student development, and some tips on how to stay sane in grad school.

February 16, 3:00-4:30, Brown 3001

  • One Stop Shop: Everything You Need to Get Your Job Search Started

This intensive workshop covers the essentials of preparing for a career outside academia. Topics include job search strategies, self-assessment, networking, CV writing and interviewing.

March 16, 9:30-12:30, Brown 3001

Macdonald Campus:

  • Modules 1 & 2 Intensive

See above for description: Self Assessment & Careers Outside Acadamia; Job Search Simplified: Networking or Not Working!

Feb 21st 9-12 MS2084

  • Modules 3 & 4 Intensive

See above for description: Effective Job Applications for a Career Outside Academia; Interviewing Theory & Practice

Feb 23rd 1-4 p.m MS2084


Other workshops graduate students are welcome to attend

  • ECC- Case interviews

Jan 21st 2:30-3:30 FDA 5, 3450 University

  • Perfect your Professional Image (business etiquette, school to work transition)

Jan 25th 1-2:30 Brown 3001

  • Where to find Internships: Test the Waters

Jan 26th 10-11:30 Brown 3001

  • How to Write Personal Statements

Feb 2 12-1:30 Brown 5001

  • Free national mock LSAT day offered by Princeton Review

Feb 5 9-11:30 625 President Kennedy Avenue, Suite 901

  • ECC: Techfair Tips Workshop

Feb 7 4:30-6 FDA 5, 3450 University

  • International Students: Adapting to the Canadian Job Market

March 7 2-3:30 Brown 3001


Remember, additional workshops are available to you through Skillsets. See below for description.

As a graduate student, teaching competence is an important, multi-facetted skill that includes being able to:

  • explain complex, discipline-related concepts in various workplace contexts

  • provide clear explicit instructions, which then facilitate others’ understanding and learning

  • inspire, motivate, mentor, and develop others (CAGS, 2008).

These skills are helpful whether you are TAing or teaching a class, or preparing yourself to teach in the future.

SKILLSETS workshops will help you develop your teaching competence by modeling good teaching, integrating learning centered-teaching theories, and presenting specific pedagogical skills & strategies. Many of our offerings will provide you with tips and advice on building your teaching portfolio and applying for teaching positions in higher education institutions.

Contact skillsets@mcgill.ca for more information.

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Careers at the United Nations

Date:  9 February
Time: 4:00-6:00
Place:   Leacock 232

Speakers:  Ms. Lynne Goldberg, Human Resources Officer, Outreach Unit and Mr. Matthew Sanidas, Special Assistant to Chief of Strategic Planning and Staffing Division, Office of Human Resources Management

This session is for final year undergraduates and graduate students. Alumni are also welcomed. Open to all disciplines.

Please register in myFuture for this event.

The work of the United Nations touches lives in every corner of the globe and our daily operations are complex, multifaceted and extended directly and indirectly to our 192 Members States.  In the last decade, the United Nations has increased its field-based operations (peace-keeping, humanitarian and conflict prevention) with 60 per cent of its 40,000 staff working away from Headquarters in locations all over the world. The United Nations wants people with integrity who are dynamic, pro-active, flexible and responsive.

Career opportunities can be found both in the field and at established duty stations at different levels within our job networks, a flexible grouping of departments and offices whose mandates and work are closely linked such as:

Economic and Social Development  
Management and Operations Support
Political, Peace and Security
Communication and Information Technology
Public Information and External Relations
Conference Management
Safety and Security
Career opportunities can be found both in the field and at established duty stations at different levels within our job networks, a flexible grouping of departments and offices whose mandates and work are closely linked. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about career opportunities in the United Nations Secretariat which includes 10 established duty stations as well as peace operations worldwide. We will also discuss various entry points to a career in the United Nations as well as how to prepare the best application for a position.

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