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March 2009

Published by the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS), formerly Career & Placement Service (CAPS)

Spring is almost here and for many the beginning of an intensive job search.

In this issue:

Grad Career Week 2009: Find Your Footing
Learning to Teach - A Professional Development Workshop for Graduate Students at McGill
Networking & the Art of Receiving
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Grad Career Week 2009: Find Your Footing

Mar. 16, 2009 to Mar. 20, 2009

As we prepare for Grad Career Week March 16-20, 2009 the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) is keenly aware of the many networking opportunities that lay ahead for those graduate students who are willing to take full advantage of them. Since most job openings (85%) are not advertised, most of us find work through our contacts and their referrals. Most graduate students consider their network outside of academia negligible, although this can be disputed.  Therefore, CaPS has made networking easy by hosting a series of events (cafes, panels and presentations) that showcase over 50 careers in industry, government, the non-profit sector and entrepreneurship, that graduates working locally have landed. They have agreed to share their career stories with you, to broaden your career awareness and help you find your footing.

All events are free of charge.  Registration is required.  Log in to myFuture and click on your events tab followed by the workshop tab and keyword search GCW for a detail list of events. All events will take place in Thomson House Ballroom.

To view complete event descriptions and bios, please click here.

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Learning to Teach - A Professional Development Workshop for Graduate Students at McGill

When: Sunday, March 15, 2009 - 9:00am to 5:00pm (Registration begins at 8:30 with refreshments being served.)
Where: Leacock 132
Details: http://www.mcgill.ca/tls/resources/gsi/workshops/ltt/

This workshop provides small group sessions focused on discipline-specific learning methodologies.  The sessions during the day are organized around two themes: Assessment & Feedback, and Developing Leadership Skills in Interactive Teaching Roles.  Participants have their choice of three different sessions, two in the morning, and one in the afternoon following a catered lunch.   The day will conclude with an interactive panel on “What I wish I had known about teaching when I started”.   

Upon completion of the workshop students will receive a certificate of participation to add to their teacher’s portfolio.  Past participants found that this workshop provided invaluable information about developing a grading scheme, developing a teaching portfolio, and designing a course outline. 

Registration is required and begins Wednesday, February 25.

  1. Log into Minerva
  2. Select "Student Menu"
  3. Select "Registration Menu"
  4. Select "Search Class Schedule and Add Course Section"
  5. Select "Winter 2009"
  6. Select subject code "FIGG"
  7. Scroll down and click on "Get Course Sections"
  8. Select one morning session (e.g. FIGG TL01 001), one mid-morning session (e.g. FIGG TL02 004) and one afternoon session (e.g. FIGG TL03 005).
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Register".

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Burns (sarah.burns@mail.mcgill.ca) at Teaching and Learning Services.

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Networking & the Art of Receiving

by Susan Molnar, CaPS Graduate Career Advisor

Think about how you got to where you are today. Likely your decisions have been influenced by a few key people along the way. Perhaps it was a high school teacher who inspired your love for biology, and here you are pursuing a PhD, or maybe a parent who discouraged you from following in their footsteps and so you didn’t, or potentially even a rejection letter led you to your second choice, which ended up being a perfect gift. Maybe it was a complete stranger, who gave you some great advice that you acted on, or the person she introduced you to which led to a successful marriage! Many people touch our lives in ways we can’t predict or quantify. Naturally and inadvertently, our environment has a lasting impact on our careers.  If we view the process of meeting people as a mystery novel unfolding, never really knowing who will lead us to our next adventure, perhaps we can greet our encounters with a heightened sense of curiosity and excitement. We really have no idea when someone will share useful advice, make a helpful introduction or spare us future heartache. 

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