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March 2011

Job Search Tip from Janice, Your Career Advisor

Get prepared in advance!  Even if you are confident that there are plenty of jobs for OTs and PTs, don’t wait until the last minute to start thinking about the job search.  This will make the process stress free and you will be able to target the organizations where you will fit better.  Start by attending our workshops, update your CV and prepare a cover letter you will be happy with.  It takes time to prepare them, so write them sooner than later.  Once you have written them, come to one of our CV drop-in hours so you can get some feedback. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Janice Tester, Your Career Advisor


Have you heard of ProNet, a new networking tool in myFuture?

ProNet enables current McGill students and alumni (both undergraduates and graduates) to get in touch with more experienced students and recent alumni in order to get help with their search for an internship, job, grad school or career.

For more information, click here.

* Note that ProNet is different than the McGill Mentor Program, which you might also be interested in.

YES Montreal Career Workshops

YES Montreal (Youth Employment Services) provides English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start businesses.

They hold a number of workshops on various topics for job seekers, artists and entrepreneurs.

To view upcoming events, click here.

Check out the Vault Guide

Vault is the world’s leading source of career information.  It will make your efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects infinitely easier and more efficient.

Vault also has a ton of material on finding summer jobs and internships.

McGill subscribes to this service and you can check it out today (you must be connected to the McGill VPN).

myFuture Resume Builder

myFuture has now incorporated a resume builder which you can find in your Documents tab.  This new feature provides all the resources you need to create and submit your resume. It's quick and easy to use and produces high-quality, professional-looking resumes you can access anytime, from any computer.

Check it out by going to your Document tab from your myFuture homepage and click on the Resume Builder tab. 

Click here for a quick training guide.

(But remember, CaPS also holds a daily C.V. drop-in where you can have your C.V. reviewed.

Grad Advising & CV Drop-In

Advising and CV Drop-In for graduate students is held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 15h00-16h30 and Fridays from 10h00-11h30 and does not require an appointment, but space is limited. First come, first served.

Undergrad Advising & CV Drop-In

For a listing of C.V. Drop-In times, please click here.

For a listing of Advising Drop-In times, please click here.

Don't have time to come by our office in person? Then check out our online "Ask a Career Advisor" service. Click on the icon below.

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CaPS is located in the Brown Student Services Building (3600 McTavish, Suite 2200).

We also have an office at Macdonald Campus in the Centennial Centre.

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Dear PT and OT students:

Welcome to this edition of the CapsScoop just for PT/OT students. My name is Janice Tester, your Career Advisor at McGill CaPS. CaPS is McGill’s Career Planning Service where you can find help related to your career needs.  You can come and see me or another advisor to help you with you CV, cover letter, have a mock interview, or attend any of our workshops.  You will find more information on our services at www.mcgill.ca/caps.

Come to my workshop for PT&OT students on CV writing, cover letters and career fair preparation.

In this issue:

Career Fair coming up soon!
Career Resource Centre for PT&OT Students
Step into New Career Potential: Tips on Preparing for Job Fairs

Workshops of Interest to PT & OT Students
Contact me

Career Fair coming up soon!

The Career Fair for OT, PT and SLP students will be held on Monday, April 18th, 2011 from 2 pm to 4:30 pm at the Shatner Ballroom. 

Prior to the Career Fair, find out as much as you can about the employers by clicking here: http://caps.mcgill.ca/special/ptot.communication.fair.2011/PTOT.pdf

Students from all levels are invited!

Remember, even if you are not graduating yet from the Master’s programs, it is never to early to start networking and getting to know the job market before you are actively looking for a job.  Therefore, the fair is your chance to check out over 50 organizations offering employment to physiotherapists and occupational therapists upon graduation! This is a great opportunity to make contacts in your field.

They are really interested in talking to you so don’t miss this opportunity!

Prepare for the Fair! 

Attend the workshop that I will be giving on CV writing, cover letters and career fair preparation on April 5th, 2011 at noon in room 3 in Davis House.

You can get your CV reviewed by me or another CaPS advisor on April 6th from 9 am to 12 pm and on April 13th from 2 pm to 4:30 pm.  You need to register with Viviana McAllister at viviana.mcallister@mail.mcgill.ca to set up a time slot of 15 minutes.  If you cannot attend any of these days, you can  set up an appointment at CaPS by calling 514-398-3304.  

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Career Resource Centre for PT&OT Students

Our Resource Centre is full of many interesting resources, but especially for PT/OT, check these out:

Targeted Résumés (Section 3.23)

  • Adams Resume Almanac (2005)

  • Expert Resumes for Health Care Careers (2010)

  • Resumes for Health and Medical Careers (2008)

Career Descriptions (Section 1.58 and 4.8)

Occupational exploration books covering topics such as history, career description, employment characteristics, employment outlook, salary, educational programs, licensure, certification and more.

  • Careers in Health Care (2005)

  • Career Opportunities in Health Care (2007)

  • Field Guides to Finding a New Career: Health Care (2009)

  • Health Care Careers Directory 2010-2011

  • Health Care Job Explosion! (2006)

  • Top 100 Health-Care Careers (2005)

Online Resources

Selected PT/OT Books (Section 4.8)

  • Career Diary of a Physical Therapist (2008)

  • Opportunities in Occupational Therapy Careers (2006)

  • WetFeet Insider Guide: Careers in Secondary Health Care (2003)

Selected Directories (Section 5.31 – 5.35)

Selected Associations

Job Search Websites

Canadian Job Search Websites

Selected General Job Search Websites Offering PT/OT Jobs in Canada

American Job Search Websites

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Step into New Career Potential: Tips on Preparing for Job Fairs

by By Ken Marskell, Publisher Health Careers Magazine Series www.HealthCareersInteraction.com

A Career Fair includes participants who can aid in the development/progression of an individual's career, not just help them find "a job". That is why it is so important to ask questions. Employers are there to begin a "sifting out" and long-term selection process. Employers do expect you to bring resumes, know something about their company and make a good first impression. They are taking the fair seriously, and expect you to be taking it seriously as well.

Job Seekers can expect to meet:

• Organizations looking to Recruit - not necessarily immediately - maybe for a job in 6 months, or next year.

• Educational Institutions - promoting specialized or additional studies to help students reach their career goals.

• Relocation Professionals - people exhibit at our career fairs for the sole purpose of helping you with relocation, such as immigration attorneys or moving companies.

Employers do expect potential candidates to look and act in a professional manner when they meet you at Career Events. Remember that saying; "an impression is formed in the first two minutes upon meeting a person." Use that to your advantage!!  So don't bring your children, your husband or your mother.  The attention should be centered on you, not on those who distract the recruiter.  Here are a few more tips on preparing for ours and other career fairs.

1. Dress for Success
This is often considered to be a physical indication of your attitude towards yourself, your skills, and the degree of your expectations for employment.

2. Do your Research
Employers like to hear "I've done some research on your company and would like to know more about... " Find out as much as you can.  Company profiles are generally located within your career fair event website.

3. Get Started in Advance
If your plan is to relocate, find out what is needed for your new location.  If relocating to the US, begin working on your VisaScreen Certification, for example.  This will impress your recruiters.

4. Leave Your Mark
Bring resumes and or business cards so employers can do easy follow-up. This is another signal to employers you are prepared by assessing a need, acting upon it and grabbing an opportunity.  Resume tips are available within this magazine.

5. Have a Clear Goal in Mind
Before the event, determine your networking goals, know what information, advice, resources, referrals, etc. you are seeking and have some specific questions composed in advance.  Decide how many contacts you want to make for the evening.  Strive for quality rather that quantity and be realistic in your expectations.

6. Be Prepared
Get as much information as possible about who is going to be participating in the event.  Be certain to bring along your business cards, your calendar, and some writing materials.

7. Bring Customized Resume
Depending on the situation, you may also wish to have copies of your resume close at hand.  Have a brief statement ready that highlights your special skills, accomplishments and career objectives and which clearly indicate how your contact might be of help. Customize your resume for the specific position you seek.

8. Dress Professionally
Choose an outfit that helps you to feel confident and at your best.

9. Take Initiative
Smile. Establish eye contact, introduce yourself, and extend a firm handshake. Take note of the recruiter's name tag as it will help you to remember their name and its proper spelling.

10. Practice Questioning and Listening
You might begin by asking one or two open-ended questions, for example, "Could you tell me something about your organization and the kind of specialized units at your facilities, such as cancer or prenatal care?" Try to avoid questions that generate only a "yes" or "no" or one-word response.  Demonstrate energy, enthusiasm, and that you listening carefully to what they have to say through your verbal and non-verbal communication.

11. Mingle and Try to Meet Several People
Move around the room. Try to avoid getting into lengthy conversations as you miss the opportunity to connect with valuable contacts.  Be sure to exchange business cards after a conversation in which you have developed rapport with the other person.

12. Take Notes as You Go
At the first opportunity, jot down some key points about the people you have met, what you discussed and any follow-up arrangements.  You could do this on the back of the respective person's business card or in your diary or notebook.

13. Follow Up
The secret to effective networking is following-up and staying in touch with your contacts.  If you have promised something, be sure to do it.  If you have agreed to meet at a later date, take the initiative of making the call.  If you have been given a lead, call your contact to report back on how it turned out.  If your contact has been helpful, call or send a thank-you note letting them know.

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Workshops of Interest to PT & OT Students

In general, the Career Planning Service offers several workshops for students to approach the job search.  You will find the list of relevant workshops below.

Registration for all of the following workshops is available through myFuture. Click on the "Workshops/Events" tab and select the "Workshops" tab.

  • CV writing, cover letters and career fair preparation for PT&OT students
    April 5, 12h00: Davis House, Rm 3

  • GCM 2011 - How to Crack the Consulting Case Interview
    April 8, 14h30-16h00: Thomson House Ballroom

    Learn how to navigate through this unique interview style that is used for management consulting froma Boston Consulting Group perspective.

  • GCM 2011 - Managing Your Finances as a Graduate Student & Beyond - Workshop 1
    April 14, 12h00-13h30: Thomson House Ballroom

Ye$ You Can... manage your finances now and get on the right track for life!

This 90 minute Financial Fitness clinic will help you manage your budget, understand credit, avoid risks and maximize income potential. We'll talk about what can go wrong and what can go right when you set your goals and plan for your future. Useful worksheets and handouts as well as online resources to be made available to participants.

  • GCM 2011 - Managing Your Finances as a Graduate Student & Beyond - Workshop 2
    April 14, 15h00-16h30: Thomson House Ballroom

    Ye$ You Can... manage your finances now and get on the right track for life!

    This 90 minute Financial Fitness clinic will help you manage your budget, understand credit, avoid risks and maximize income potential. We'll talk about what can go wrong and what can go right when you set your goals and plan for your future. Useful worksheets and handouts as well as online resources to be made available to participants.

  • Une carrière à votre mesure - Salon Carrières
    Mardi 19 avril 2011, de 12h à 19h; Mercredi 20 avril, de 10h à 17h: Palais des congrès de Montréal

    Il s’agit de 4 salons spécialisés en 1

    -Salon Carrières & Emplois La Presse (emplois secteurs généraux)
    - Salon Emploi de la santé et des services sociaux
    - Salon des carrières en Banque-Finance-Assurances
    - Salon des carrières en Technologie / Salon carrières du Réseau des Ingénieurs du Québec

    Pour plus d’information, visitez notre site Internet: www.ecarrieres.com

  • GCM 2011 - Getting What You Want: The Art of Negotiation Presentation
    April 20, 12h00 -13h30: Thomson House Ballroom

    This seminar will be an interactive, fun, and interesting way to learn about negotiations and acquire information that will help you develop your negotiating skills. Whether it's a salary negotiation, a promotion, acquiring a job, bargaining a deal, learning how to work effectively in a team environment, or networking, you will be called upon to negotiate. It is not as daunting as it seems once you've developed a sensible approach.

  • GCM 2011 - Pharma Careers 101 Presentation: An Overview
    April 26, 14h00-15h30: Thomson House Ballroom

    The medical department of pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of positions to MSc, PhD and MD graduates. Positions available in clinical research, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilence, compliance and medical information will be described. Day-to-day tasks and skills required to perform in these positions will be discussed. As well, tips on how to prepare for the interview and what to expect in the first 100 days on the job will be presented.

  • GCM 2011 - Careers in Government
    April 27, 12h00-13h30: Thomson House Ballroom

    The federal government is consistently chosen by students as their 1st choice employer.
    This is your opportunity to find out about career opportunities in the federal service. Panel members will speak about their own career path, help you understand the organizational structure and where you might fit in.

  • One Stop Shop: Everything You Need to Get Your Job Search Started
    May 20, 14h00-17h00: Brown, Room 3001

    By attending this workshop, students will be able to: 1. Know the ongoing importance of self-awareness in the context of career planning. 2. Identify and potentially modify their style of networking. 3. Clearly define the essential components of a CV and cover letter. 4. Understand the importance of, and define what is involved in, thorough interview preparation.

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