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April 2009

YES Montreal’s Artist Project Plan Contest

This grant is for an artistic project put together by an individual or group of artists. For more information, please contact Monika Majewski at arts@yesmontreal.ca.

Selected Books at CaPS

Beyond Talent – Creating a Successful Career in Music by Angela Myles Beeching

Music Directory Canada – the Essential Guide to the Canadian Music Industry

Music Business Handbook and Career Guide by David Baskerville

Resumes for Performing Arts Careers

The Booking Office

The Booking Office at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University is a not-for-profit organization that specializes in providing musicians and ensembles for a range of events in the Montreal area. If you are interested in becoming part of the pool of performers, please contact Paul Vandenberg, Booking Office Coordinator at (514)398-8157 or booking@music.mcgill.ca.

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Happy Spring! As the end of another busy term draws near I hope you have a few moments in amongst final recitals, projects and exams to savour the spring sunshine and reflect on all you’ve achieved in the past year. For those of you who are graduating and moving on, congratulations! I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours, musical and otherwise. And for all Schulich students, remember that CaPS is open all summer long, and you have access to all of our services for free for up to a year after graduation, so feel free to come by and visit, use the resource centre etc. It has been a total pleasure to work with and get to know many of you this year – and I look forward to continuing and expanding upon many career-related initiatives such as the Tools for the Professional Musician Series and Music Career Drop-In Hours in Fall 2009. Have a wonderful summer!

In this issue:

So What Are You Going to do After You Graduate?
9th Annual Montreal Self-employed Artists' Conference

St-Ambroise Music Program offers $10,000 for Quebec Musicians!
More Great Resources/Programs
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So What Are You Going to do After You Graduate? Getting Your Post-Grad Job Search Off the Ground...

by Jan Bottomer, CaPS Music and Arts Career Advisor

It’s a question which has probably become more and more pressing and even more frequently repeated as the number of weeks remaining in this, your final term, tick by. While you know you *should* be devoting some time to figuring out your answer – researching jobs and employers, working on your promotional materials, expanding your network etc., it’s challenging to balance these important tasks with the urgency of final recitals and assignments.  Starting early with regards to your post-graduation job search has its advantages but the key word here is STARTING, and this is definitely a case of better now than later or never!

One thing you can start doing immediately is treating the above question as an opportunity for a productive conversation as opposed to a threatening situation to be avoided at all cost! Even if you don’t feel like you have anything approaching a concrete answer just yet, tell whoever’s asking what you do know – the kinds of music, activities and courses you enjoy, the role you envision music playing in your post-grad life, career options which have crossed your mind and equally important, what you’re missing. Are there careers or organizations you’d like to know more about? People you’d like to meet? The people in your network are a great potential source of career-related information, but you won’t find out what and who they know if you don’t ask. Additionally, the vast majority of job seekers hear about possible employment opportunities through family, friends, friends of friends, their friend’s third-cousin’s neighbour’s Mum…you get the point! If you mention being interested in a particular organization or type of work and the person you’re talking to knows of someone involved in this area, chances are very high that they’ll offer to put you in touch. You never know where such conversations might lead and at the very least talking about some of the options you’re considering can often help clarify your ideas and priorities in your own mind.

If you’re feeling clueless about the nuts and bolts of job hunting – networking, CVs, Cover Letters, researching potential employers, where and how to begin etc. – jump-start your job search savvy and motivation by applying to be part of the CaPS Job Finding Club, an intensive program for newly-graduated students. There are three two-week sessions this summer, the first beginning on May 4th (additional sessions are held starting on May 25th and August 17th). The premise of the club is that job searching is in itself a full-time job and is much more enjoyably and successfully done with the support of both a group of your peers and the friendly and knowledgeable counsellors at CaPS. You’ll do some self-assessment to help focus your job search, learn how to write a stellar CV and cover letter, prepare and practice for interviews, discuss techniques for accessing the hidden job market, and more!

And remember…

CaPS is open all summer long and all CaPS services are available to McGill grads/alumni for free for up to a year after graduation, so once the dust of finals and year-end recitals settles, make an appointment with me to discuss anything from your career plans (or lack thereof!) and job search strategies to promotional materials, internships and grad school applications.

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9th Annual Montreal Self-Employed Artists' Conference - "Business Skills for Creative Souls"

Are you an actor, painter, musician, writer, dancer, filmmaker, designer, etc.?  Thinking of working for yourself?  To help you find the tools you need to succeed, YES Montreal, in partnership with ELAN (English-Language Arts Network) and the QDF (Quebec Drama Federation) presents the 9th Annual Montreal Self-Employed Artists’ Conference: Business Skills for Creative Souls set for Monday, June 8, 2009 at the Centaur Theatre. This unique conference is a full-day of workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities. Over the years, this event has hosted some of Montreal’s most renowned artists and celebrities including Kevin Tierney (Bon Cop, Bad Cop), and Yann Martel (The Life of Pi). For more information, call us at 514-878-9788 or visit www.yesmontreal.ca

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St-Ambroise Music Program offers $10,000 for Quebec Musicians!

Montreal, April 1st, 2009- With deep cuts to public funding for the arts, declining CD sales, and now a recession, McAuslan Brewing recognized that it’s probably tough to be a musician these days. So the Montreal microbrewery decided to launch the St-Ambroise Music Program, a new initiative that offers $10,000 in cash prizes and grants for Quebec musicians.

“With the St-Ambroise Music Program we want to do our part to help musicians continue to do what they do best, which is make great music that we can all enjoy; hopefully along with a great beer of course!” - Peter McAuslan, Founder & President, McAuslan Brewing

The $10,000 in cash prizes and grants will be awarded to artists in two ways:

1) Centre St-Ambroise Awards

The St-Ambroise Music Program will give away five $1000 cash prizes to Quebec artists and bands that have performed at the Centre St-Ambroise by December 31st, 2009. The Centre St-Ambroise is a live music venue located right on the brewery’s property, and was nominated for “Best Live Show Room” at the 2008 SMIM Awards (Salon de la Musique Indépendante de Montreal). Winning artists will be announced with an awards show at the Centre St-Ambroise in January, 2010.

2) St-Ambroise Music Program Grants

The other $5000 in cash grants, which can be a maximum of $2500 per grant, will be given out directly to Quebec artists and bands. The grants can be used to help with touring, recording an album, filming a video, or other creative projects artists might need the money for. Interested artists need to simply fill out the application form by Monday, October 5th, 2009. Grant recipients will be announced in the weeks following the deadline.

For complete details, including how musicians can participate in the program, visit: www.stambroisemusic.com

McAuslan Brewing's exceptional commitment to Quebec culture already includes sponsorships of several major festivals including POP Montreal, the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival, the World Film Festival and many others. The brewery also founded the Centre St-Ambroise in 2007, which hosted over 150 cultural events last year. Peter McAuslan was recognized for this commitment to arts and culture in 2008, receiving the Prix Arts-Affaires de Montréal awarded by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

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More Great Resources/Programs

Artère: Pour la Relève Artistique Montrèalaise

YES – Youth Employment Services Montreal
YES Montreal offers a great range of English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment. They offer extensive services to artists and potential entrepreneurs.  Check out their artist orientation sessions!
Jump-Start Your Art & Artist Grants and Loans

Getting the Word Out: Publicity for the Self-Employed Artist
Wednesday May 6th, 2009, 6:30 – 8:45pm $15
Pre-registration required: Call 514 878 9788, or visit YES online at www.yesmontreal.ca

Making Music 3 Project
“Are you a filmmaker or a musician? Do you have some experience making films or music? Are you ready to collaborate, think outside the box, unleash your creativity and redefine what films about music are supposed to be? Then check out Making Music 3!”
Facebook group: “making music with the NFB”
Or contact: Melisa Forero, Associate Producer, m.forero@nfb.ca or Kat Baulu, Producer, k.baulu@nfb.ca

Montreal Film Group

Bridge Worldwide Music Connection
Login into myFuture to obtain log-in information.

What can I do with my degree in Music?

Qui Fait Quoi: Le portail des industries de la culture et des communications

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