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Dear McGill Nursing students:

My name is Janice Tester, and I am your Career Advisor at McGill CAPS.  CAPS is your Career Office where you can find help related to your career needs.  You can come and see me or another advisor to help you with you CV, cover letter, have a mock interview, or attend any of our workshops.  You will find more information on our services at caps.mcgill.ca.

In this issue:

Resources and Upcoming Events
Les agences de placement…
Decisions, decisions…

Upcoming Events and Other Resources

C.V. and Interview Techniques Workshop for Nursing Students
October 16th, 2008 from 11:30 am to 1 pm
Wendy Patrick Room, Wilson Hall

All graduate and undergraduate Nursing students are invited to attend. Learn how to write a C.V. and give an interview that will help you get the job you want.

Nursing Career Fair
November 2nd, 2008 from 10 am to 3 pm
Shatner Ballroom

Remember, the Nursing fair takes place on Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 from 10 am to 3 pm.  This is your chance to check out over 40 organizations offering employment to nurses upon graduation! Even if you are not graduating, this is a great opportunity to make contacts in your field.

To name a few, we have had employers from agencies such as La Croix Jaune, employers coming from other provinces represented by the Marskell Group, our local hospitals such as the Jewish General Hospital,  the MUHC, rehabilitation centres such as Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital, geriatric centres such as Maimonides Geriatric Centre  and even the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Montreal. 

Other Workshops of Interest for Nursing Students

The workshops below are only a sampling of the many taking place this semester. For a full listing of all workshops offered and to register, log-in to myFuture. Click on the "Events" tab and then the "Workshops/Panels/Events" tab. Select the event you would like to attend and click on "RSVP."

C.V. Writing
October 17, 14h30 - 16h00
October 30, 15h00 - 16h30
November 10, 14h00 - 15h30
November 25, 14h30 - 16h00

Cold Calling as a Job Search Skill
November 27, 10h30 - 12h00

Cover Letter Practice
October 23, 10h30 - 12h00
November 26, 14h00 - 15h30

CAPS Resource Centre

Whether you are looking for information on a career, scholarship information, tips on resume writing, contact information in the industries, or specifics on a program of study, the CAPS Career Resource Centre is here for you!

CAPS subscribes to a number of publications and online services that may be of interest to nursing  students.  You can find anything from “Careers for Good Samaritans” to “Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions”

Contact the CAPS Resource Consultant for further information.

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Les agences de placement… Pour acquérir de l’expérience professionnelle et des heures ˝réseau˝

Ça y est, vous allez terminer votre diplôme d’études universitaires!

Votre diplôme en main, vous allez être enfin prêt à prévenir et à guérir. Mais, par où commencer pour trouver un emploi rapidement en lien avec vos études? Aspirants en travail social, soins infirmiers, ergothérapie, physiothérapie, psychologie, psychoéducation, nutrition, les agences de placement peuvent vous aider à trouver des mandats de 35 heures ou moins dans le réseau de la santé.

Les agences offrent aux détenteurs d’un baccalauréat, d’une maîtrise ou d’un doctorat dans ces secteurs une aide précieuse dans leur recherche d’un emploi dans le réseau gouvernemental, parfois difficile à pénétrer seul.

Certains finissants n’ont pas d’expérience professionnelle mais ont acquis un bagage solide par le biais de stages ainsi que des références. Pour cela, ce service s’adresse aux finissants qui n’ont pas nécessairement les deux ans d’expertise habituellement requis dans le réseau. L’employé et l’employeur peuvent ainsi développer un lien de confiance et d’appartenance. Suite à un mandat, l’employé est souvent invité à une entrevue de sélection chez l’employeur  grâce au jumelage créé par l’agence de placement.

En moyenne, ces agences au Québec reçoivent plus de deux cents candidatures par année. Suite à la réussite de l’entrevue et bien souvent d’un examen écrit, le candidat sélectionné est prêt à recevoir leurs services.  Elles réfèrent et développent le profil de l’employé auprès de leur clientèle CSSS et autres établissements gouvernementaux.

En général, les heures travaillées avec l’agence sont comptabilisées comme des heures réseau. Rappelons que les heures réseau sont cumulables et reconnues par l’ensemble des établissements CSSS dans tout le Québec. Tout un avantage quand on vise un emploi au sein du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux!

Alors, bienvenue aux finissants!

croix-jaune logo

La Croix Jaune. 
Cette année, La Croix Jaune fête ses onze ans qui lui auront permis de se distinguer auprès des bacheliers du Québec dans le domaine de la santé et des services sociaux. Pour plus de renseignements visitez notre site web : www.croixjaune.com

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Decisions, decisions…

by Janice Tester, M. Psych., Career Development Advisor

As a nurse you must hear from a lot of people:  “You are so lucky.  Isn’t it great that you are in such high demand from employers?  You can get a job anywhere you want!”  And a pang of anxiety hits you and at first you don’t understand why, when you should feel so privileged. Then you realize that you still find yourself unsure about where you would like to work, and also worry about how to gracefully refuse a job offer.  You find yourself in a dilemma while many employers knock at your door, saying “Work for me!”.  By the sound of their voice, you sense they are in a hurry to hire you but all you want to do is take your time and ponder your options. 

This is actually the smart thing to do.  Take your time to think about what you would like to experience professionally for your first year after school.  After that year, you might want to continue along in that job, or, you might want to try out something else.  What is important is that you don’t necessarily have to think of your first job out of school as the “job for life”.  You might want to change along the way and every experience will build on to the next providing ample opportunity for growth.

So, keep it simple, think of yourself first, what better corresponds with your interests, skills, personality and values, and once you have put all of these together, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision.   

To help you make decisions, start with a self-assessment.  The following questions will help guide you.

Some questions you can ask yourself regarding your interests are:

Some questions on your skills can be:

On your personality, you can ask yourself:

Regarding your values you can ponder:

Once you have thought about these answers, you can start asking employers some questions that will assist you in making an informed decision.  Ask them questions that reflect what is important to you and you will then find it easier to let them know whether they are part of your career plans.

But remember, a self-assessment is an ongoing process and with time you might change the way you feel about your choices.  Review your self-assessment as you engage in new experiences and it will become clearer once you need to make a decision. 

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