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CIRRA Groundbreaker Grant Program - $100 micro-grants for gigs


Playing lots of gigs & looking for a little financial assistance?

Members of CIRRA (the Canadian Independent Recording Artists’ Association) are eligible to receive a $100 micro-grant for each gig that they have played during the past calendar month, with a maximum of $1,200 in Groundbreaker Grants per artist per year. CIRAA members will only have to fill out a simple online application form providing details of each gig to be entered into the group of members from which twenty winners will be selected in a lottery draw every month. Interested but not a member? http://www.ciraa.ca/register.php

The Savvy Musician: Building a Career, Earning a Living & Making a Difference http://savvymusician.com/

Great website and blog chock-full of music career resources, ideas and information!

CJAM – Clinique Juridique des Artistes de Montréal / Montreal Artists Legal Clinic http://www.cjam.info/

Wondering about copyright and licensing laws? Have questions about contracts? CJAM was founded with the goal of providing free legal information to artists and arts organizations lacking the means to acquire the services of a lawyer.

The next monthly legal information night is Monday November 28th, from 7:30-9:30 pm at the offices of the Conseil des arts de Montreal (CAM), 1210 Sherbrooke Est.

Check out myFuture for job and internship opportunities!

New this week:
Job 36676 – Head of Music at Camp Ouareau
Job 36878 – Journalistes spécialisés en musique, Camuz Inc.

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